SURRENDER: The Hidden Work Of Divine Love by Jean-Pierre de Caussade

There is no spiritual path more secure than that of giving yourself entirely to God.

The Hidden Work Of Divine Love by Jean-Pierre de Caussade

From The Joy of Full Surrender

What great truths are hidden from the eyes even of Christians who think that they are the most enlightened!  How few among them understand that every cross, every circumstance, every leading of the will of God, gives us God himself in a way that can best be explained by comparing them with the most majestic mystery of all, the Holy Eucharist.

Yet what is more certain?  Does not reason as well as faith reveal to us the presence of divine love in all creatures, and in all the events of life, just as indisputably as the words of Jesus Christ and of the church reveal the presence of the sacred flesh of our Savior under the Eucharistic elements?  Do we not know that by all created things, and by every event, God’s love desires to unite itself to us?  Do we not know that he has ordained, arranged, or permitted everything that concerns us and everything that happens to us, with a view to this union?  This is the sole end of all his designs.  To attain this he uses the worst as well as the best of his creatures, and the most distressing events as well as those that are pleasant and agreeable.  And the more naturally repellant the means of that union, the more deserving of esteem it becomes.

If this is true, why should not each moment of our lives become a form of communion with the love of God?  And why should not this communion of every moment produce as much fruit in our souls as that which we receive in the Communion of the Body and Blood of the Son of God?  The Holy Eucharist, it is true, has a sacramental efficacy that the “sacrament of the present moment” cannot have, but on the other hand, how much more frequently can this form of communion be repeated!  And how greatly may its value be increased by the growing perfection of our dispositions toward it!  Consequently, how true it is that the more holy the life, the more mysterious it becomes by its apparent simplicity and lowliness!

Heavenly banquet!  Never-ending feast!  God ever given and received in utter infirmity, weakness, and nothingness!  That which human nature abhors and human reason rejects, God chooses and makes into mysteries, sacraments of love, and by that which seems as if it would do most harm to souls, he gives himself to them as often and as much as they desire to possess him.


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