MEDITATION: Psalm 5:11 by Alan J. Hommerding

150 Meditations For Living the Lord's Songs

Psalm 5:11 by Alan J. Hommerding

From Everyday Psalms

Let all who find refuge in you be glad;
let them always sing with joy.
Shelter them;
may all those who love your name rejoice in you.

The people of ancient Israel were a people who wandered, who lived as nomadic tribes or in exile, even a people who – when settled – spent much time outdoors in the fields, with herds, on the way to market, or to fetch water.  For them shelter was a big deal, whether it was refuge from the elements or enemies.  People who are victims of natural disasters understand this, but many of us don’t live this way.  Nevertheless, there are many things in life from which all of us need “shelter” from time to time.  God, for us, is still that shelter.



Shelter me, O Lord,
keep me safe, protect me.
Let me always rejoice in you,
my refuge.




Today I will allow the Lord to be my refuge.

Can I spare a few moments to think about what I may need to be sheltered from?  Is one of them the busy-ness that doesn’t allow “a few moments”?  How can God be my shelter?  How will I rejoice?


The Lord is faithful; the Lord will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.
(2 Thessalonians 3:3)

2 Comments on MEDITATION: Psalm 5:11 by Alan J. Hommerding

  1. Sandra O. Hulme // January 16, 2018 at 1:10 pm // Reply

    Thank you! I needed that message today!


    • Don’t we all? You are welcome. I came across Mr. Hommerding’s book quite by accident and was delighted because I have been studying the psalms for a while now. I love how short and sweet the meditations are.


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