POETRY: For M. On A Cold Grey Morning by Thomas Merton

For M. On A Cold Grey Morning by Thomas Merton

A grey good morning and rain
And melting snow
Far from any help
Or love, I am warmer
At least wanting you.

Sorry in the grey
Weather without lights
Far from any other center
I nurse one inner lamp
Our common need
Which is our common presence

It burns alone
And still
In the wet dark and for us,
Lighting a dry place in me
I do not know
Because it is myself
Love’s inner cell
Where I am glad to be a prisoner
Since I am prisoner with you.

While you come back to life in distant rain
Looking perhaps at the dark river
With blurred eyes
Still full of dreams
And think of me in my hills,
You wake in me, darling.

We are nearer than we know
Love has another
Place of its own
Nearer to you than hill or city;
Nearer than your own mirror
You wake in another room
And the bed where you slept
Is a nest in my heart.

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