We call upon you, Heavenly Father, and come before you with our desperate plea.  We acknowledge your glory and majesty.  We sing praises to your holy name.

Beloved Father, give your angels charge over us to keep us on the path of righteousness.  They will bear us up when we stumble in weakness and pain.

We pray that you, Loving Father, instruct your guardian angels to band together to form a barrier wall around us.  Place your angels as links in the chain that fastens tight around our fortress, and forms an unbreakable lock.

Give your angels dominion over all evil spirits, and guide your angels in binding every minion of a corrupting lord.  Bind them, Blessed Father, and hand them over to your most precious son, our Lord, Jesus, for him to deal with.

Bring down the sword of God to completely eradicate the power of evil on Earth.  Let your might be as thunder against our enemies.

Come, Holy Father, bring your power to Earth and stand with us against all the rulers of evil power who have joined together in order to destroy your dominion here and to extinguish your light. Extinguish them and cast them all into eternal darkness.

For those who have been caught in the threads of perniciousness, ease the torment in their souls enough so that they can once again perceive the presence of their angel protectors.  Allow them to become so enraptured with their guardians that their focus on injurious and destructive acts is diminished.

We now renounce any association we have with the ungodly forces here on Earth.  We break any bonds that hold us fast to their power, and loose ourselves from their strong grips.

We find shelter in your shadow, Abba, and rest in your grace.

We rise up, Father, in gratitude to you, and close the cloak of the blood of Jesus around us for the safety and well-being of all who kneel before you.

May It Be So.


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