SOUL STRUCTURE: Islam, ISIS, And The Confusion That Lies Therein

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SOUL STRUCTURE: Islam, ISIS, And The Confusion That Lies Therein Julia Marks

This is not going to go well.

That’s my prediction anyway.

But I hereby restate my primary assertion about spiritual warfare: If you don’t know what you are dealing with, you don’t know how to address the problem.

It’s as simple as that.

A doctor is going to be much more effective with his patient if he already knows both what the disease is and what the best methods are to treat it.

Otherwise he is swinging about in the dark.

Which pretty much sums my opinion of most writing about spiritual warfare.

In my humble opinion.

Well, maybe not so humble.

So let’s begin.

I began studying the Muslim soul structure around about the time that Princess Diana died.  I remember this because I found the soul-structure study deeply concerning.  And on the night that Diana died, I had a night-long vision that was explained somewhat by the next day’s news.  And the two things that had invaded my consciousness were both so startling that I wondered at their coinciding with one another.

So that long ago.

My study on the Muslim soul structure hasn’t changed one wit since that time.

When I began studying souls, for some reason I began with evil soul structures.  And because of this, and because of, well, how interesting it was (even though I found the study of evil to be generally boring and (yes) silly – not finding in myself at that time an ability to relate to the concept of Evil), I thought that only evil soul structures have distinguishing characteristics.  And that ordinary people just had run-of-the-mill soul structures.

Sort of like comparing a Maserati (not in terms of value, but in uniqueness of design) with a Ford Fiesta.  With us being the practical hatchbacks of a bland color.

As is my wont, I was wrong.

A person’s soul can be mighty fascinating.

One of the biggest distinguishing features of people’s souls is their overall design.  Think of how we have classified the differing forms of life.  Penguins are not bluegrass.  Stardust is not the AIDS virus.  That kind of thing.

Differing design.  Even down to our souls.

This may surprise you (it did me), but I began my study of the Muslim soul structure within the concept of unity.  Oneness.  All together nowness.

And while I never have found the gift of the Muslim soul, I have found that it is unique in one very significant way.

It Is Huge.



Sort of along the lines of the Jolly Green Giant to our more modest-sized souls.

And here’s something else: There Is No Evil Alignment In The Muslim Soul.

One of the things that often throws our thinking awry is our not-that-subtle resistance to admitting that we, the ordinary human being, can commit harmful acts without being under the influence of some unseen form of Evil.

There are, still today, people who associate anyone’s misstep, be it cheating on his wife or unethical business practices, to his “letting” evil have its way with him.

Very truly people are still going around with the notion, The Devil Made Me Do It, as their Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

It wasn’t me, dear.  Or officer.  Or boss.  Or whomever.

I was under the influence of IT.

Well, here I am today telling you to get over it.

When I finally came to my end of patience with trying to figure out what Evil really was, with reading book after book and finding that each stood on its own in defining evil, I sat for months and developed my own system of thought around it.

I broke its expressions down into three categories.

And two of those categories were person-bound.  People were responsible for those kinds of harmful acts.  All on their own.

And we’re not even talking about the potential danger of stupidity.  Which is a matter all on its own.

Only ONE category took time to reference the unseen forms of evil, and how people accommodate them.

Listen to me here.

People are perfectly capable of harming each other, other things in the world, and the world itself all on our own.  We don’t need Satan or Lucifer or any other evil force to guide our steps.  We’re just fine in being able to think up things to do to one another that will require a few hundred confessions to atone for.

If that idea bothers you, Get Over It. (Again.)

So, back to the Muslim soul.

To my mind, when you have extraordinary strength and might, looking around at the world and saying, It’s MINE, is not that illogical of a step.

It comes down to becoming the bully in the schoolyard because you happen to be bigger than the other children around you.

You have the ability to run roughshod over those around you, so you do.

That is the Muslim soul.

But here’s the deal.

The real problem with the Muslim soul these days is that another culture with their own soul structure (I think of them as the mice of the soul world – small and along the lines of pure nuisance) has been pounding on the big toe of the Muslim soul for years and years and years.  Pounding away with their little hammers.  Biting with their little teeth.  Gleefully destroying any sense of equanimity that the gigantic soul might find on this Earth.

And that is what scared me so much so many years ago.

That with enough aggravation, the Jolly Green Giants might just start stomping around.  And not really caring who is under their feet.

In truth, I give great credit to the Muslims for being so controlled about their behavior in reality.  Given how much power they have.

But, think about this.  It’s soul energy I am talking about.  So translating that power into action is always going to be a problem for them.  Other forms, while considerably “smaller,” may have might in their own ways.

Size isn’t everything.

It’s something.  It’s something to be acknowledged.  It’s something to be respected.

And it’s something to be feared.

So, on to ISIS.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but ISIS isn’t evil either.  At least not in the supernatural category.

What is ISIS?

A bunch of human crooks.  Who hide under the banner of Islam to justify their crimes.

I can’t even tell if they actually have those powerful Muslim souls or not.  To me they just come off as much-too-old adolescents who find acting up fun.

Look, Ma!  No hands!

Or brains.

Perhaps these are ones who DO fall under the category of The Potential Danger of the Stupid.

(I feel like choking up a hair ball.)

So.  What to do.

Well, ISIS are just criminals.  Let the law actually take them down.

Put them back in jail where they belong.


They are no more special than any other crime syndicate.  They are just stupid enough to commit their crimes out in public for all to see.

Talk about stupid.

The real concern is the Muslim.

And their ideas.  And their potential ability to spread their ideas just because they can.

My first thought is that we need to put our silly myth-spreading about them aside and just respect them for who they are.

Second, and I’m not a politician, if someone could develop some spiritual mousetraps and get those rodents into cages and release them back into their own environment, that would be just great.

After that, then it’s a matter of bringing real intelligence to the matter.  If we found a giant suddenly in our town, what would we do?

Trying to bring it down clearly hasn’t worked.  In fact, it’s worked to the Muslim’s advantage.

So tonight when you go to bed, be afraid of the Muslim movement in our world today.

Be intolerant of anything ISIS is doing.  Especially trying to call their crimes Muslim actions.

And pray to see if you might be one of those people who understands how to work with giants.

Reading Roald Dahl’s Big might be a good place to start.

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