POETRY: I Have Stood At The Center Of The World, by Catherine McNiel

I Have Stood At The Center Of The World Catherine McNiel

I have stood at the center of the world
The primordial Tree, the innocent Beginning
I have been rejected there, exiled
So I wander
Homeless, yet seeking Home
Marked, yet seeking

I have traveled so far in my wanderings
That I have changed, the distance became a chasm
And yet I have stayed so closely tied
Lingering near with hope for Healing

I stand in the place of Anger and Accusation
Watching the last box of bitterness carried out the door
Alone now with the vast emptiness in its place
There’s nothing left to do but this endless
Wandering and lingering

I have forgiven
But you have forgotten
Even a child casts her own shadow
The past has built itself into my body and soul
And there it is:
The bruised and fallen apple is its own seed

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