THE ADVENT EUCHARIST: Think About Jesus by Peter Magee

Think About Jesus by Peter Magee

From God’s Mercy Revealed: Healing for a Broken World

There is much to adore in the Body of the Lord.  As you allow your eyes to become fixed upon that little white host, think of the eternity that lies behind it.  Think of the vast universe, which sooner or later will be drawn into that host, for judgment unto life or death.

Think of the body of him who was truly born of the Virgin Mary.  Think of all he went through as a child, an adolescent, a youth, a young adult – like us in every way except sin.

Think of the hands that blessed the children and healed the sick, of the voice that calmed the storm and called Lazarus from the tomb; of the eyes that pierced with love the heart of the rich young man, that saw Nathaniel and Matthew from a distance before calling them to leave everything and follow him.

Think of those feet that walked mile after mile to preach the Good News of salvation; God is with you, for am with you!  Think of his smile, his singing voice, his angry and majestic voice, his tearful cries, his gentle whispering.

Think, finally, of his passion and of the marks it made on his body, those same marks that are now glorified, that we now receive in the sacrament of the Eucharist and that one day we shall behold with our own eyes if we live and die in his love.

As your heart is drawn into his through contemplation of the Eucharist, draw to your own heart the millions of people suffering in millions of ways.  For them, the Body of the Lord will be their eternal healing and salvation.

Remember those who curse him, reject him, despise him.  Allow your own heart to feel something of his pain.  Perhaps God will use your life to draw some of them to bless, accept, and adore him.

Pope John Paul II calls the Eucharist the “heart of the world.”  Who among us does not want to say, amen, to that, to be in, to bear with, that heart?  Let our resounding amen lead us to seek time to love and adore him in the Eucharist.  Let us come to understand deeply how the heart of Jesus beats with eternal, crazy love for this passing, crazy world in which we are but pilgrims.




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