ADVENT WITH EVELYN UNDERHILL: Facing Reality As Baptized Christians by Evelyn Underhill

FAITH: Facing Reality As Baptized Christians by Evelyn Underhill

From Light of Christ

You and I are committed, as baptized Christians, to what has been given his deep and touching Earthly revelation, to the steady loyal effort, in our own small place and way, towards bringing that mounting vision a little nearer completeness, bringing a little more of that Kingdom in.  Each faithful upward glance, each movement of trust, each act of selfless love, helps it on.  The Hallowing of the whole Universe, physical, mental, and spiritual, in all its grades, the infinitely great and the infinitely small, giving our lives at whatever cost to the helping of the fulfillment of their sacramental promise – we must take sides in some way for that, because we are the Children of God.

Those thoughts kill all self-occupied fuss.  They brace and delight us, remind us that our religion is not a refuge from Reality, it is a demand that we face Reality with all its difficulties, opportunities, implications; that we face God and his whole mysterious purpose and our own solemn responsibility to him.

When Christ said, My Father and your Father, my God and your God, he said it not in the easy way we repeat what we think a consoling test.  Is it consoling?  Is it not tremendous, searching?  Does it not ask for a tremendous response?  We know what his own response was like and what it entailed.  Was he not making a declaration which must transfigure the whole lives of those who realize all that is implied in it?  Sweeping them into a closer union with his vision and joy and sufferings?  Conferring on them the tremendous privilege of partnership?  Fellow-workers with God because co-heirs with Christ.  Do let us take that literally!  Christ, says de Caussade, calls us all to perfection because he calls us all to submit to the will of the Father and this is the same thing as perfection.  It is the complete acceptance of our life as children of God, part of his creative purpose; it is “being made the children of God and of the Light, as the baptismal service has it.



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