ADVENT WITH EVELYN UNDERHILL: Patience jesus crucified

From Light of Christ

Christ never seems at first sight to be giving pure truth; yet in the end he is the only teacher who manages to give it in a way that feeds souls of every level and type.  Whenever he comes, he brings the life-giving mystery of God: but giving the mystery in and with the homeliness, weaving together both worlds.

What a lesson for us!  And especially for those who have a secret arrogant craving for what they call “purely spiritual things.”  There is nothing abstract or high-brown about him.  To all he gives parables capable of simple interpretation and to some revelations within them of the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.  There is no overfeeding or straining of souls and, above all, no hurry to enlighten at all costs everyone he can reach.  What a great supernatural art that is – that quiet, humble patience; whether of those who teach or of those being taught.  Whichever class we think we are in, we are all studying under the quiet eye of God; and we have got to learn the artist’s pace, never to hurry or scramble or lose our breath, yet never to wait too long; to put on a good primary coat and let it dry in spite of our eagerness to get on with the picture before the inspiration fades; the only result of which is a sticky mess.

Christ seems so often content to prepare souls by one great revealing truth and then just leave grace to act, to fertilize, to bring forth, to give light with that easy generosity and not ask about results.  To leave it to God, to make no effort to harvest one’s own corn and say, See what a lot of sheaves have brought in! – that asks for a self-oblivion which is very near the cross.




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