POETRY: Walking The Road To Emmaus, by Royston Allen

Their eyes were downcast and the pace was slow.
Why these things had happened they did not know.
On their shoulders they bore grief’s heavy load
as they walked that long Emmaus Road.

A stranger joined them as they walked that way.
Slowed His pace to hear what they had to say.
Step by step He walked along with them there
and from the scriptures He began to share.

Grief stricken and saddened they did not know
who it was that joined them walking so slow.
In fellowship sweet He expounded God’s word
and their hearts glowed at everything they heard.

From Moses through the Prophets He made known
of an open tomb and a Heavenly throne.
They listened carefully while this Man talked
as together the Emmaus Road they walked.

“Did not the Christ have to suffer, ” He said
“and after to be raised up from the dead? ”
As they approached the place they were staying.
He acted as though He would not go in.

“The day is far spent, stay with us, ” they said
and He entered their house and broke some bread.
At once their eyes were opened and they knew
it was Jesus, but He vanished from their view.

“Did not our heart burn within us, ” they said
and up they got and off to Jerusalem sped.
Found the disciples and said “It is true.”
“The Lord has risen and we’ve seen Him too.”

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