SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Critical Conditions

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I had the grace a few weeks ago of being introduced to an agency that works to save slaves around the world.  That’s not the only work that this agency does.  They help women whose families try to seize their land after the death of their husbands.  They stop sex traffickers.

And after they save the people from violence, they provide them with safe houses where they can heal from all their wounds.

So faced with being asked to pray for the International Justice Mission, I looked at my schedule, scratched my head, and wondered where I would “fit” them in.  And I saw that I could rearrange my noon prayers to make room.  Normally, I would read the noonday prayers, supplemented with a little “outside” reading, and then pray, generally, while listening to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy being sung.  I got to sing along.  Which I liked.

I realized that I could upgrade the chaplet, drop my participation, and pray specifically for the intentions of IJM.  Each time the prayer on the “small beads” was sung (For the sake of his sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world), I could offer up the specific prayer for that day.

I found the discipline very moving.

Until one day.  I had a vision as I was praying.  And it was so powerful, it felt like an anvil had fallen on me.  I was stunned, in so many ways.  What seemed like an ordinary petition turned into an ocean of sorrow and pain.  But in the vision, I “worked” with what I saw.  Encouraging the people in the country I was praying for to come together to rid themselves of the evil they were facing.

And then the vision got really weird.

Which, for me, is saying a lot.

This experience resulted in me feeling a bit skittish about this assignment, and I worked to keep the prayers as just prayers being said to the music of the chaplet.

No Visions.

As though I have any control.

I settled in, though, and did my best to stay balanced during what had now become a rather regular spectacular noon prayers.  Once the quiet time of the day, simple prayers, asking God for mercy for us all, now there was real work going on.

Then I noticed that on a very regular basis, I was praying for children who had been sexually abused.  In different countries.  Belize.  Dominican Republic.  Uganda.  The United States.

All around the world.

And then came The Big Vision.  But this time I was prepared.  I was not surprised it was there before me.

Ordinarily, on the days that I prayed for child sexual abuse, I would find myself standing before God with little hands in mine, a child on my shoulder, crowds of them gathered around my feet, and I would petition God for mercy on them and their families, and for solace and healing to saturate their souls.

One day, I asked, what is there that I can do for them?

And the question, while not completely answered, was clarified for me.

The problem was set out before me.

A bit of explanation:

When we are formed, before our birth, God endows our souls with his divinity.  It’s like a treasure, sealed into us before we are given to our parents.

God is sending us supplies of divinity to use in the world with the birth of every child.  They are little packages of God’s love for us.

This is why we never even consider disturbing even a hair of a preborn child.

Got it?


It’s why we can never get enough of touching a baby.  Watching him coo.  Not wanting to let go when she falls asleep.

We feel that divine treasure that the baby holds.

Any kind of sexual assault is a theft of that divine energy.  When a person goes after a child sexually, he is like a thief in the Louvre: going after the best that there is.

In my vision of asking to understand the situation, I saw a conveyor belt.  On it were little children.  And they were going off to feed evil.

On their way.

And I realized that we don’t see it that way.

We think the individual acts of rape are evil.  Or the individual who committed the rape is evil.

But we don’t understand that all these assaults are just the gathering up of “supplies” for Evil.

That Evil is out there working like a team of busy ants: grabbing a crumb of divine soul energy here, and there, and everywhere.

And feeding it into The Evil.

Organized.  Coordinated.  Functioning.

I remember, not that long ago, coming into the knowledge that our conditions are worsening because Evil had figured out a way to join together.  Good had always had the edge on Evil because we could really join together.  No matter who we were, we could join our prayers together, and it was a very effective blocking agent.

But there was a shift in the universe not that long ago.  Evil became organized.  Instead of disjointed attempts, now we were facing an operating unit.

And today little children, still with intact soul divinity, are being used as the fuel for its furnace.

Off they go on the conveyor belt.  Only to be left as empty shells that are left for us to pray over.


Discarded refuse.

This is very serious.

And this passion to kill preborns: it’s like going out and purposefully sinking the ships in the harbor that are bringing us what we need to survive.

And almost the whole world is in the grips of admiring abortion’s efficiency to help a woman realize her selfhood.

Her very, very special selfhood.

Children no longer are just being devalued, they are literal sacrifices to whatever evil gods these people are serving.

Because God isn’t just sending us children so that the children can play with their divine energy.  God is sending us all this energy, with children being the mode of delivery.

It’s all our energy that is being stolen, basically.

So what can we do?

We can mobilize intercessory prayer groups, for one thing.

And begin to take the situation we are in very, very seriously.

We need to stand up, as much as we can, against the cultural trends to destroy the family.  Eradicate the importance of the Mother.  Ravage the children.

It is not something we can afford to shrug our shoulders at.  Pretend there are other, more important, things we can do with our lives.

We need to understand that our coming together and standing up to this harvesting of our children’s soul energy is critical.

And growing increasingly critical every day.

Evil gets away with a lot because so many of us don’t want to acknowledge that it is real.  That it walks amongst us.

That it lives in the house next door to us.

As Christians we want to focus more on forgiveness and tolerance and love.

But in life, here on Earth, there is more in the world than that.

The Bible is very clear about this.

About the upcoming battle.

That we need to start fighting now.



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