HEALING: Singing The Soul

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The world says that I am wrong about this.

But I know I’m not.

In the world of Earth there are people without souls.

It’s not that impossible.

There are people without legs.

People without eyes.

I even heard of a baby born without a brain.

And there are people without anger.

Or emotion altogether.

So it is not, if you think about it, impossible that there are people without souls.

But the world, in general, is very protective about this concept.

Everyone must have one, because everyone, inherently, is good.  And in order to be good, you have to have a soul.


But not everyone has a soul.

Not everyone is inherently good.

Because if you don’t have a soul, you have little ability to be good.

The soul is your path in life.  If you follow it, and it’s a good, healthy path then you have a better chance of actually doing good than if your path is ragged and unkempt.  A path on which you can get lost easily.  And where evil can hide beside the wayside, just waiting for you to trip over it.  And fall.

It is a funny turn-around kind of idea.

In essence, we are responsible for our souls.  So we create our own paths.

In a way.

Perhaps in this case, the path doesn’t represent the direction, but more the characteristic of our journey there.


Where we are headed.

There are too many interlacing concepts in this whole thing to make much sense out of it.

So back to soullessness.

First a reminder of the structure of the soul: A soul has a casing.  I liken it to an aquarium.  Strong, but capable of breaking.

There are souls that are characterized by a cracked soul casing.  In fact, these people with a cracked soul casing all belong to a certain “type” of person that we experience every day.

But we won’t discuss this because it is forbidden to talk about these people.  In certain ways, that is.

And what is the point of breaking rules anyway?  Aren’t rules meant to be broken?  Oh, wait.  That’s wrong.  Rules were made to be followed.

Yeah, that’s it.

Follow the rules.

Just know that people with cracked soul casings experience a profound pain that the rest of us don’t.

There.  That topic dealt with.

And trust me, in general, you don’t want to know more about this subject than that.

But it serves to show you that a soul is not a soul is not a soul.

There are variations.  Permutations.  Classifications.

In fact, no two souls are alike.

Just like there are no perfectly identical gardens in the world.  Each has its own design.  Its own health.  Its own relationship with the world.

We use these casings not as aquariums.

We don’t keep fish in our souls.

Instead, more, we plant a little garden inside our souls.  So, not an aquarium, but an aquarium used as a terrarium.

The dirt in our souls is made up of the experiences from our lives.  Good and bad.  Loud and quiet.  Shocking and boring.  It all goes in.

The way we deal with our experiences are the seeds that go into the soil.

Don’t strain trying to figure out how our reactions can be planted in the experiences that they are reacting to.

This is just a simile.

A very loose simile.

Just smile and go along with it.

So we have a casing.  We have dirt.  And we have the plants.

Just like a harvest garden, the more work we put into our plants, but better our plants will be.  If our plants flourish, then we are healthy and generally happy.

If, however, whenever a bad thing happens to us and we respond to it with bitterness and self-pity, without finding the root of our resentment, then the plants in our soul will wither.  And our lives become the track the donkey takes around the millstone.

There.  The bases have been covered.

On to soullessness.

There are two “real” types of soullessness.

The first is a person who comes through a woman with no soul, and is predestined to follow his mother’s evil.

It’s not as though this child has to remain that way.  There are ways that he could find his missing soul.  If he decided to take it.  Or, by some bolt from Heaven, he is brought face-to-face with his lack and the dire necessity for him to become whole.

The second kind of soullessness comes from the process of losing all your soul energy.

It’s funny how we can see the different forms of evil perfectly portrayed in movies.

The antiChrist is there in movies about evil bartering with someone.  I’ll make you the most successful lawyer on Earth.  All you have to do is sign here.  Just a small thing you have to give me in return.

And it is just a “small” thing: just a piece of your soul energy.

The antiChrist is the bank of soul energy.  He “purchases” it and stores it.

And uses it for evil.

But the exchange is not a clean one.  The victim, in becoming the most successful lawyer in the world, discovers that he has become so successful by serving the most dangerous criminals in the world.

The antiChrist is not a nice depravity.

I have watched as someone right in front me gave away bits of his soul.  As the years went by, his look changed.  His eyes lost focus.  His decisions became increasingly wrong.

But he succeeded where he wanted to succeed.

And it was seeing him, week after week, that I began to hear that while I believed his soul to be finished once and for all, that that was not the whole truth.

A missing soul could be “sung” back.

Unfortunately, I changed places, and he was no longer someone I could watch and meditate on.

But before I left, I did hear the very faint whispers of the song.  And it made me want to learn it.

Today, I think what I heard was the song of the angels.

I have to believe that if we can learn that song, we can use it to heal the sorest of souls.

Above, I said that there are two real types of soullessness.

I say that because I once had the opportunity to spend some time with a woman who had another kind of soullessness.

She had a soul casing intact.  But anytime any dirt got into it, she cleaned it out.

She was a spiritual anorexic.

She was at least receiving life into her soul.  She was just disinclined to keep it there, or to use it to establish a bridge between herself and God.

And she was one of those who considered herself a priest.


I imagine that’s not so unusual.  Among priests.  Boy or girl.

Real or imagined.

I believe deeply that the true healing that needs to be done here on Earth is soul healing.  We are beginning to understand how to help the body heal.  We are flailing away at trying to find the formulas for helping our emotions to heal.

But the real damage that is done is done to the soul.

It can make us just stop living.  Frozen in our tracks.

The death of a loved one.

Being raped.

Finding ourselves lost in our own lives.

There are elements that we need to begin to learn in order to soothe the infinite ache in a hurt soul.  One is learning the song of the angels.  Learning how to sing it as mortals with weak knees and our own tone-deafness to God that comes upon us at times.

But I realize that there are people here on Earth that when they think about it will know that they can do this.  That they can sing the song of the angels.

The sound of adoration for God.  But light enough for a wounded soul to hear and appreciate.

We have to start somewhere in this new field of healing.

May we come together one day and start this process.



2 Comments on HEALING: Singing The Soul

  1. Your essay led to me to further reflect upon these words of James Brabazon about Albert Schweitzer, who more than a medical doctor was a doctor of souls. “His theology will probably never satisfy the theologians; it ignores all the fascinating blind alleys they love to explore. His philosophy will never satisfy the philosophers; it fails to put the universe in its place, and it fails to pursue verbal distinctions down dark burrows leading nowhere. It speaks to the whole man, not to the intellect alone. …On the other hand, the ethics of the ethicists, the philosophy of the philosophers, and the theology of the theologians will never satisfy ordinary people. Schweitzer’s might. The vast majority of people, as he knew, are at heart peaceable and neighborly; and for that reason never reach the places of power where the world’s fate is decided. …Schweitzer put into the service of kindness a personality that could have dominated governments, thereby proving that goodness was not after all a disability. …That does not mean that everything he said or did was correct, but that he was normal, he was human, he was balanced, he was sane, he was free. …His ecstasy before the manifestations of nature led him into the origins of thoughts and will and impulse where nothing human–indeed nothing conscious–could be denied, where the mind is aware of its solidarity with all consciousness. Reverence for Life is the acknowledgement that deeper than all division is the mystery of solidarity. …The life was the argument, and a very strenuous argument it was. After ninety years, eight months, and some days the body that had carried it grew very tired and lay down for the last time. With it, his case rests.”

    Thank you for helping to nurture a plant in my terrarium.


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