GOD 101: The Last Lesson

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the last lesson

I was a young woman when the serious lessons began.  After my time of Rumspringa – or in my case, running away from God.

Not long after I was hunted down and recaptured.

Well, it wasn’t that dramatic.  But it adds a nice flourish to the story, don’t you think?

It didn’t take me long to realize that the lessons weren’t like lessons in school: lessons I could apply myself to and learn easily and with a little time and effort.

We’ll leave geometry out of the above equation.

But, in spite of needing infinite time, patience, and the willingness to actually apply myself to these lessons, they just kept coming.

The Lesson of Silence….

The Meaning of Patience….

The Lesson of Six….

The Lesson of Source and Orbit….

And on and on.

You get the drift.

So I didn’t really raise an eyebrow when along came The Last Lesson.

Last in terms of what?  That it will be the last lesson I’m assigned?

Not hardly.

Last lesson because the lessons lie on a line with a definite beginning and even more definite end?

Couldn’t say, really.

A few decades went by, and I wondered if the “last” in The Last Lesson referred to the fact that perhaps this was the last thing on a person’s mind.  The answer to the last question we ask God.

Because, just perhaps, after we hear the answer, we won’t need to ask anything else.

If this is correct (and, just remember, I’m 100% wrong in thinking I understand anything that hasn’t been bashed into my head by God), then I think it’s short-sighted of God.

People will continue to ask questions, even if they are trivial or foolish.

All right.

Warm-up is over.

Let’s get down to the lesson.

Shall we?

The Last Lesson answers the question, Why are we here on Earth?

The skip-right-to-the-end answer is: To experience.

Out of body we don’t experience.


We have no mechanism to.

No nervous system.

No brain.

No skin.

No tongue.

No eyes.



Bodiless wonders.

What we are are essences of our souls.


Pure and simple.

And this energy blends in with all the rest of the energy in the universe.

That’s a lot of energy.

That’s a lot of life current.

So all these stories of playing golf with Gandhi in Heaven, or meeting up with our great-aunt Emma are just stories.

We won’t be feasting in Heaven because we won’t be bringing our stomachs with us.

Neither will we be bringing our emotions.

Not even our thought that our neighbor keeps a messy garden.

That is right and accurate.

Nevertheless, we plan our “trip” to Heaven: what we will bring, what we will leave behind.  All that.

It’s like packing up our entire household into a moving van, and then thinking we are going to take all that stuff with us when we climb Mount Everest.

That happens to be a perfect simile. 

The other thing we get massively wrong about God is that he frets about whether we are alive or dead.

Just look around the world.  Do you see any evidence of this?

God Is Absolute.

All that is here on Earth is encompassed by God.


And why would God care if we died or if we lived?  It’s all the same to him.

And diseases and wars and fatal accidents are just the means of our transition from life to death.

That’s what we were put here for: to live and then (you guessed it) to die.

The experiencing that we are supposed to be doing isn’t supposed to be an eternal thing.  It’s just so we can shape the rest of the energy in the universe.

We keep discovering new things and figuring out how things go together (and how some things don’t go together).

We play with the taste of food.

With the sound of music.

With movement and expressions of all kinds.

With the mechanics of the Earth.

With suffering and with joy.

So, you say (very logically, I might add), what?

So what?

We’re here to experience, like we’ve been sent off to summer camp and no matter how good or bad the experience is for us, our parents will be overjoyed that they didn’t have to come pick us up early, will slap us on our backs and tell us, You will look back on this one day and see what a great time you had.

That’s it?

Kicked out of Heaven, FOR AN EXPERIENCE?

As I said, very logically asked.

But there’s a trick to this lesson.

Deep in its heart, there’s a secret.

And only those who allow themselves to experience this will understand.

We are here to experience romantic love.

I have figured out my definition of romantic love:

Love is a tangle of sighs.

I realized that it works just as well backside-front:

Love is a sigh of tangles.

But here’s the deal.

Love gives us the only true door through which we can pass and experience eternity.

See that?  See what the lesson does right there?

It shows that our ultimate experience here on Earth is finding our way to experience eternity.

Here on Earth.

And to learn that life is all that is before us.  And around us.  And behind us.

That there is no edge to us.  No limit.

No limits.

We tend to run into the sides of our brain when we try to think about eternity.

That’s because eternity isn’t a thought.  It’s not a concept.

It’s an experience.

See what I did there?

Get it?

Eternity is THE experience on Earth.

(Sounds like God to me: Come to Earth.  Figure out how to experience that which includes Earth but just happens to include everything else in the universe.  

Gee thanks.)

So how do we accomplish this, and what do we do when we’ve experienced the experience of eternity?

Well, I guess we’ll just have to keep hunting for the door to eternity and see if we find an answer on the other side of it.

Of, find out that there are no more answers, because there really are no more questions in eternity.



2 Comments on GOD 101: The Last Lesson

  1. I always thought we were here because of the angels. I thought this because of the story of Job, the oldest book in the Bible (to my mind its age makes it significant). We talk about Job as if it is a story only about the question of human suffering, but it is also a story about the question of why we are here. The answer is: Because the angels are watching us. Before humans fell from grace and were banished from God’s presence, a third of the angels rebelled against God with Satan as their leader. Angels have no corporeality, but they do have free will. Will more of them leave God to follow Satan? What is stopping them? The book of Job demonstrates that human faith is somehow an essential proof (to the angels) of God’s love and goodness. There is an obscure verse in the N.T. about whether women should cover their heads during worship. St. Paul settles the matter by saying, “Therefore ought the woman to have a power over her head, because of the angels.” (1Cor 11:10). So, why do we, unlike the angels, have bodies? To make visible God’s love–our bodies give the angels something to watch and the physical world gives them something in which to participate in service to God. I don’t understand the idea of heaven being purely spiritual. I think this idea has crept into Christianity from eastern religions, especially Hinduism. As a Christian, I look forward to the resurrection of the dead; a new creation.

    Also, I want to let you know that your blog has made a real difference in my life. I look forward to every post. Thank you!



    • I think there is something more critical that distinguishes us from angels: we have souls. Our little bag of God that we brought with us.

      And the resurrection of the dead isn’t going to happen in Heaven. It happens here on Earth. Jesus comes down here to us, to judge us. We rise up to meet him.

      Thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful words. It makes a real difference in my life that I can make a real difference in someone else’s life. Thank you for telling me that.


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