PRAYER: Commemoration Of The Angels

Commemoration Of The Angels

From iBreviary

Christ, the fair glory of the holy Angels,
thou who hast made us, thou who o’er us rulest,
grant of thy mercy unto us thy servants
steps up to Heaven.

Send thy Archangel, Michael, to our succor;
Peacemaker blessed, may he banish from us
striving and hatred, so that for the peaceful all
things may prosper.

Send thy Archangel, Gabriel, the mighty,
herald of Heaven; may he from us mortals
spurn the old serpent, watching o’er the temples
where thou art worshiped.

Send thy Archangel, Raphael, the restorer
of the misguided ways of men who wander,
who at thy biding strengthens soul and body
with thine anointing.

May the blest Mother of our God and Savior,
may the assembly of the saints in glory,
may the celestial companies of Angels
ever assist us.

This he vouchsafe us, God forever blessed,
Father eternal, Son, and Holy Spirit,
whose is the glory which through all creation
ever resoundeth.


V. In the sight of the angels I will praise you O God.
R. I will worship at your holy temple and confess your holy name.Sav

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