PRAYER: Prayer For The Attainment Of Heaven, by Thomas Aquinas

O God of all consolation,
you who see in us nothing
but your own gifts,
I entreat you
to give me, at the close of this life,
of the First Truth,
and enjoyment of your divine majesty.

Most generous Rewarder,
give to my body also
the beauty of lightsomeness,
responsiveness of
flesh to spirit,
a quick readiness and delicacy,
and the gift of
unconquerable strength.

And add to these

an overflow of riches,
a spate of delights,
a confluence of all good things,

so that I may rejoice

in your consolation
above me,
in a place of loveliness
below me,
in the glorification of body and soul
within me,
in the delight of friends and angels
all around me.

Most merciful Father,
being with you
may my mind
attain the enlightenment of wisdom,
my desire,
the fulfillment of its longing,
my courage
the praise of triumph.

For where you are
is avoidance of all danger,
plenitude of dwelling places,
harmony of wills.

Where you are is
the pleasantness of spring,
the radiance of summer,
the fecundity of autumn,
and the repose of winter.

Give, Lord God,

life without death,
joy without sorrow,

that place where reigns

sovereign freedom,
free security,
secure tranquility,

delightful happiness,
happy eternity,
eternal blessedness,

the vision of truth
and praise, O God.


5 Comments on PRAYER: Prayer For The Attainment Of Heaven, by Thomas Aquinas

  1. Christchild // July 4, 2016 at 12:30 pm // Reply

    Dear sister in Christ Jesus,
    Jesus loves you.
    I am a little child of Christ Jesus who is married to him as a consecrated virgin by faith.
    I see your blog and I understand that you are immensely blessed by The Lord. I too am a little mystic, if that is the word. I know that you must be probably the age of my mother and you are quite an established blogger. Jesus and I have started a little new blog named Christmylove.
    Whatever he tells me to write, I write. I see him and I hear him all the time.
    You may ask him to tell you about me.
    Do support this little brother in love and prayers.
    I love you.


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