POETRY: Psalm 1— The Two Ways, by Sylvia Purdie

Psalm 1— The Two Ways Sylvia Purdie

I was out walking a farm track

one late summer’s day

long since the rain had fallen

long since, grass had faded to gold

I passed a field of crops

as the dry wind whipped the struggling plants

tossing away earth as dust

the plants collapsed and withered

I walked on as the path went down

winding through willow trees

roots deep in search of water

Hidden at the bottom of the gully

under a small strip of green

I found a flowing stream

and as I followed it

there were fruit trees

sheltered from the wind

drawing on the water

apples hanging bright and full

crisp and tangy sweet

I live that my life may be

surrounded by love

inspired by truth

sustained by Spirit

bearing fruit season by season

What does it take?

What choices must I make?

What advice must I ignore?

What paths must I avoid?

The Lord watches over the way of the righteous

but the way of the wicked will perish.

The way of the water

is the way of delight

delight in the way of the Lord.

I choose to sink roots into living water

to rest my mind, my heart and soul

in stillness, in waiting, in resting

(easy to say on holiday, harder to do in a busy week!)

day and night, night and day

I belong in the living Lord



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