PRAYER: I Am Nothing by Thomas à Kempis

I Am Nothing by Thomas à Kempis

I will presume to speak to you, My Lord,
though I am mere dust and ashes.
If I imagined myself to be anything more,
you would confront me with my sins,
which bear witness against me.
But if I humble myself and acknowledge my nothingness,
if I cast away all self-esteem and reduce myself to dust,
then your grace will come to me,
and your light will enter my heart.
So let the last trace of pride be swallowed up
in the depths of my own nothingness
and perish forever.
Let me see myself for what I am
and what I have been,
as mere nothingness.

Now, Lord, look upon me.
Your gaze can turn my nothingness into newness,
my darkness into light,
my misery into joy,
my death into life.
When I become nothing,
I discover both myself and you.
When I admit I deserve only punishment,
you shower me with blessings.
You are my salvation,
my power,
my strength.




1 Comment on PRAYER: I Am Nothing by Thomas à Kempis

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I disagree with a Kempis’ prayer. I have read his (along with other sacred writers), and I just think he puts a little too much emphasis on our (his) worthlessness. There is a curious equation of “not being worthy – and – not being worthless” that is simultaneous. Being unworthy of grace, nevertheless is the pre-requisite to discovering our inestimable worth to Him (sorry for the clumsy way of putting that). I’m not trying to be contrary, but this comes out of long contemplation on the nature our our worth – which says so much more about Him than it says about us.. In contrast you might enjoy Geoffrey Hill’s prayer:
    Grace to you.


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