PRAYER: A Monarch’s Thanksgiving And Confession, by Queen Elizabeth I

queen elizabeth 1 prayer of thanksgiving and confession

O most glorious King, Creator of the whole world, to whom all things be subject,
both in Heaven and Earth, and all best princes most gladly obey,
hear the most humble voice of thy handmaid, in this only happy, to be so accepted.

How exceeding is thy goodness, and how great mine offences.

Of nothing hast thou made me not a worm, but a creature according to thine own image,
heaping all the blessings upon me that men on Earth hold most happy.

Drawing my blood from kings and my bringing up in virtue;
giving me that more is, even in my youth, knowledge of thy truth,
and in times of most danger, most gracious deliverance;
pulling me from the prison to the palace;
and placing me a sovereign princess over thy people of England.

And above all this, making me (though a weak woman) yet thy instrument,
to set forth the glorious gospel of they dear Son, Christ Jesus.

Thus in these last and worst days of the world,
when wars and seditions with grievous persecutions have vexed almost all kings and countries,
round about me, my reign has been peaceable,
and my realm a receptacle to thy afflicted church.

The love of my people hath appeared firm, and the devices of mine enemies frustrate.

Now for these and other of thy benefits, O Lord of all goodness,
what have I rendered to thee?

Forgetfulness, unthankfulness, and great disobedience.

I should have magnified thee, I have neglected thee.
I should have prayed unto thee, I have forgotten thee.
I should have served thee, I have sinned against thee.

This is my case.

Then where is my hope?

If thou, Lord, wilt be extreme to mark what is done amiss,
who may abide it?

But thou art gracious and merciful,
long-suffering and of great goodness,
not delighting in the death of a sinner.

Thou seest whereof I came, of corrupt seed;
what I am, a most frail substance;
where I live in the world full of wickedness;
where delights be snares,
where dangers be imminent,
where sin reigneth,
and death abideth.

This is my state.

Now where is my comfort?

In the depth of my misery I know no help, O Lord,
but the height of thy mercy,
who hast sent thine only Son into the world to save sinners.

This God of my life and life of my soul,
the King of all comfort,
is my only refuge.

For his sake, therefore, to whom thou has given all power,
and wilt deny no petition,
hear my prayers.

Turn thy face from my sins, O Lord,
and thine eyes to thy handiwork.

Create a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me.

Order my steps in thy word, that no wickedness have dominion over me,
make me obedient to thy will, and delight in thy law.

Grant me grace to live godly and to govern justly:
that so living to please thee,
and reigning to serve thee,
I may ever glorify thee,
the Father of all goodness and mercy.


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