PRAYER: Devoutly I Adore You, Hidden Diety by Thomas Aquinas

Devoutly I adore you, hidden Deity,
Under these appearances concealed.
To you my heart surrenders self
For, seeing you, all else must yield.

Sight and touch and taste here fail;
Hearing only can be believed.
I trust what God’s own Son has said.
Truth from truth is best received.

Divinity, on the cross, was hid;
Humanity here comes not to thought.
Believing and confessing both,
I seek out what the Good Thief sought.

I see no wounds, as Thomas did,
But I profess you God above.
Draw me deeply into faith,
Into your hope, into your love.

O memorial of the Lord’s sad death,
Show life to man, O living Bread.
Grant that my soul may live through you,
By your sweet savor ever fed.

Jesus Lord, my Pelican devout,
With your blood my sins dismiss.
One single drop could surely save
From sin this world’s dark edifice.

Jesus, whom now I see enveiled,
What I desire, when will it be?
Beholding your fair face revealed,
Your glory shall I be blessed to see.


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