PRAYER: Salt Of The Earth, Day 2 — Called To Be Heralds Of Joy

A Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2016; created by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Starting Point

Reflections from the creators of Christian programming at Latvian State Radio

In the Soviet era, a Christian presence through public media was impossible in Latvia.  Since independence, Latvian State Radio broadcasts Christian programs providing a forum for leaders from diverse churches to encounter one another.  This public witness of mutual respect, love, and joy contributed to the spirit of Latvian ecumenical life.

The joy of the Gospel calls Christians to live the prophecy of Isaiah: “to bring good news to the oppressed.”

When we are saddened by our own suffering, we may lack the vigor to proclaim the joy that comes from Jesus.  Even when we feel unable to give anything to anyone, by bearing witness to the little that we have, Jesus multiplies it in us and in those around us.  When we love one another as Jesus loves us, so we discover mutual love and joy at the heart of our prayer for unity.


Good news

Good news indeed!

Such nice people,
in such a nice part of town:
no immigrants,
no offenders,
no prison.

A new vicar:
young, white, and thankfully male,
to match the new church roof
and the state of the art
that cost thousands.

The poor?
Ah, yes. The poor…

Isn’t something sent
to a place called the Third World?

And doesn’t someone collect tins and stuff
for a food bank somewhere?

But this is a good area.

The sleepy stillness
of its Sundays knows
no sigh of need,
no howl of pain,
no cry of despair.


Lord Jesus, Lord of joy,
the world craves good news;
the world craves your love and joy.

Fill us with that love and joy.
Help us to see the plight of others,
to hear the sighs of need,
the howls of pain
the cries of despair,
and to respond, always,
in the love and joy of you,
our Savior and our Lord.


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