PRAYER: Prayer For The Morning Headlines by Daniel Berrigan

Prayer For The Morning Headlines, by Daniel Berrigan

Mercifully grant peace in our days.
Through your help may we be freed from present distress.
Have mercy on women and children homeless in foul weather, ranting like bees among gutted
barns and stiles.
Have mercy on those (like us) clinging one to another under fire, terror on terror, grapes the grape
shot strikes.
Have mercy on the dead, befouled, trodden like snow in hedges and thickets.
Have mercy, dead man, whose grandiose gentle hope died on the wing, whose body stood like a
tree between strike and fall, stood like a cripple on his wooden crutch.
We cry: Halt!
We cry: Password!
Dishonored heart, remember and remind, the open sesame:
From there to here, from innocence to us:
Hiroshima, Dresden, Guernica, Selma, Sharpeville, Coventry, Dachau.
Into our history, Pass!
Seed hope.
Flower peace.


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