POETRY: The Heaven Of Glory And The Heaven Of Faith by Elizabeth of the Trinity

The Heaven Of Glory And The Heaven Of Faith Elizabeth of the Trinity

Voice of Heaven

We who are bathed in Light, within the “Three”—
The Face of God, the splendor of its rays—
See, by those shinings, into Mystery:
They ever show new secrets, Heaven’s days.

Infinite Being! Depth unsoundable!
Delighted, lost in Your Divinity—
O Trinity, God thrice-immutable,
We see Yourself in Your own clarity.

Voice of Earth

The saints in Heav’n… but, also, here below
Souls come and merge themselves in such a Love,
In mystery and night this happens so—
God satisfies: in dark, in Day above.

Through everything… on earth: already we’re
Possessing You, our Peace and vision! (for,
As in one light we gather, there and here,
We lose ourselves in God, for evermore!)

Voice of Heaven

As sharers, now, in God’s own Essence, you
Possess all we possess in Heaven… See!—
You have not yet the joy we have, that’s true:
But as for giving—you give more than we.

And when one loves, how good it is to give!
(You can be giving, every hour and place.)
Oh, give God glory while on earth you live—
By self-oblation. Seize on this high grace!

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