EVIL: The Shock Of Orthodoxy

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EVIL: The Shock Of Orthodoxy Julia Marks

So a few weeks ago now a short man in a tiny car tooted around three cities in the United States. And the Earth stood still.

I kept wondering what Barack Obama, President of the United States, was thinking about all of this.  He who officially believes that Christianity should be eradicated because of all the harm it does in the world.

Christians shot in a mass shooting?  Well, thank you for helping me clean up some of the mess.

He’s not subtle about his hatred of us.

But then this little, tiny man shows up.  His little cape (a pellegrina, technically) blows up around his face.  He snatches his little skullcap (a zucchetto, technically) off his head so the wind won’t blow it away.

And he just stands there.

He waves a bit.  Looks down.  Looks around.

He looks a bit like Droopy, the cartoon dog.

And he goes about his day, with about as much emotion as a housewife has when she strolls through the grocery store, squeezing melons, looking over the meat to see if any is really affordable today.

He shook hands.

He kissed babies.

He hugged people.

He prayed over the sick and disabled.

And people cried.  And listened.  And smiled.

And cried some more.

Thousands lined up to see him.



Journalists struggled to keep up with what he was doing.

The Masses.  The secret little side trips.  The snubbing of a Congressional meal.

What is he talking about?

Who is Junipero Serra?  What’s all the fuss about?

Incomprehension.  General and widespread.

Because Christianity is no longer a language we speak in America.  In fact, if you are caught speaking it where it’s not safe to, you are soundly thrashed.  Someday soon, perhaps, out tongues will be cut out for uttering words like, God bless you.

(I once wrote the words, God bless him, about someone in a comment on Facebook, and was advised to not say it so directly.  By a number of people.)

But, in general, Pope Francis was indulged by the press.  He was a cute, little gnome who was here to put hateful Republicans in their place about climate control.

Or show those uppity, self-righteous Democrats how they were headed straight to hell.

He was like a basketball star, driving home his push to finally and once-and-for-all trounce the opposing, enemy team.

Whichever one of those teams the enemy may be.

Because if it was one thing everyone could agree on, The Pope Of The Roman Catholic Church was here to hate.


The wrong ones.


But he didn’t hate.

He told people not to clap for him because he was no one.

He looked down at his feet when he wasn’t expected to speak.

He didn’t grab the spotlight.

He didn’t open his arms wide and soak in all the adulation.

He just did his job.

And I’m not sure very many people understood.

There was tolerance of him.  Distorted stories written about what he was doing.  There was a general finger-poking into his ribs to see if he was real.  Really real.

But, still, and through it all, Francis just kept walking.  And hugging.  And kissing.  And talking.

He did his job.

But he said things that, if you listened carefully, would make your jaws drop.

Roman Catholic Church: Tear Down Your Walls.

Well, that statement didn’t make any headlines, did it?

Then he heated the discussion of him up a bit, and got a bit of a reaction.

Don’t be afraid to welcome immigrants.

Who is he, exactly, to tell us what to do?

Or, alternatively, Exactly!

A radical change needs to be made on how we treat the Earth.

Ah, ha! I knew he was the devil in disguise!

Or, alternately, See, I told you so!  He’s on OUR side!

Except people couldn’t see, apparently, that he had no sides.

That the only person whose side he was on was Jesus Christ.

Serve people, don’t judge them.

Say, what?  Not judge people?  That’s what we do!  That’s why we get up in the morning!

And what is this, serve people, business anyway?

The only people we serve is ourselves.  It’s our American right.

It’s in the Constitution, for Heaven’s sake.

I especially loved all the references to the Constitution, as though the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church was supposed to stay within its lines.

Whatever those squiggly lines may be today.

And Francis kept walking.  And talking.  And hugging.

Then a little story crept into the media.

That crazy woman in Kentucky, the one who hates gays, says she met with the Pope!

It was only minutes before another headline started its scream across the nation and the world.

The Pope hugged a gay man!

And the swords were officially drawn.  Troops hunkered down behind their grassy knolls.  Canons were dragged in.

Women began to sort through their clothes in case they needed widow’s weeds.

And no one gave an inch.

He shook my hand.  He thanked me.

Not missing a beat, the other side let loose a volley.

The Kentucky woman forced herself on him!  He spat on her and told her to do her job!

This expression of hatred was officially supported.

Well, the Vatican says. . . . 

But one thing both sides agreed on: The Pope Hated Someone.

We’ll just have to arm-wrestle it out until we determine which one he hated: The Kentucky clerk or the gay men.

And, of course, what no one has written about is that Francis hated no one.

I am a sinner whom the Lord has looked on.

Who am I to judge?

As to questions about the Kentucky clerk, the Pope explained that people have the right to be conscientious objectors.

That it’s our human right to stand up for what we believe.

And the gay man was a former student of Francis.  A friend.  Someone of whom he was clearly fond.

And the upshot of this very real war?

No one won.

All were confounded.

Francis, like Jesus, loves people.

Wants the church to serve and heal people.

Wants the church to keep its doors open to people so that as many as possible can hear the teachings of Christ.

How shocking!

We want slammed doors! 

We want hatred and judgment!

And Pope Francis just kept walking.

Kept talking.

Kept smiling.


8 Comments on EVIL: The Shock Of Orthodoxy

  1. That was completely brilliant !
    I enjoyed every word of it and could not wait to see how the article would end.
    Would that all of us could be accepted for who we are, or who we were when younger and made so many bad choices and mistakes, you could never add them up. Or people who have been kicked around by clergy and others that their hearts are broken in some many pieces that a factory filled with Crazy Glue could not put it back together.

    That is the church and clergy I see, but sadly have not found. I have even been called ‘ a freak’ by a Franciscan brother, then later when confronted, ‘ a liar ‘.

    sigh ……………………


  2. He who officially believes that Christianity should be eradicated because of all the harm it does in the world.
    Really? Am I missing something here? Do you believe that President Obama, a Christian, really believes this?
    You are slipping into traps that you and this blog warn about.
    Be careful. Fewer words, more prayer.
    Find God in the silence. The noise you are making is hurting.
    My prayers are with you.


    • I’m not going to argue with you. This is my blog. These are my writings.

      Nevertheless, Barack Obama has made his position very clear where he stands in terms of Christians. From telling Irish nuns they should just quit because all they do is hurt people, to recently telling a closed-door session of gay people and advocates that Christians do not have the right to call what they do sin, in spite of the Constitution’s freedom of religion clause.

      Here is what he said, openly, at a prayer breakfast:

      “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”


  3. Are you NOT upset by the terrible things done in the name of Christ? Are you NOT upset at the sick things done while using the Bible as a justification?
    I don’t want to argue, I want to stop ignoring these horrific things done in the name of our Lord and His word.
    Sorry if this thought us upsetting to you, but ignoring it or demonizing those who bring it up will not take it away.


    • It is not what he said. It was where. And why.

      He said it at a National Prayer Breakfast. He said it in defense of Islamic terrorists. Don’t get all high and mighty against these terrorists, look what Christians have done!

      Well, these same terrorists that he is defending by bringing up Christian history are currently killing Christians. Innocent Christians. Christians who did not fight in the Crusades or own slaves. And that President Obama could not acknowledge this, and never has and probably never will, I think, is a very cruel message to send our nation.

      On an official day of prayer.

      Christianity is a very unique religion. We are not supposed to be perfect, to always be right in our actions. One of the greatest representatives is the apostle, Paul, who killed Christians before he became one himself. He is the living teacher of how we sin, and how our sins can be forgiven.

      Apparently, to President Obama the latter is not a reality. If we have sinned, then we will be held as sinners for all time. At least in his eyes.

      His position is wrong.


  4. Apparently this is hard for you to see. The same terrorists that were in the Crusades are now killing innocent people. They must live longer than Christians who are the ones who fought!
    Sounds like Obama is a sinner in your eyes “for all times.”
    It’s your blog, but don’t think it’s your reality!
    Pray for our President and love our enemies. That makes us unique. What you are doing in your blog is the National Enqiuerer approach to Christianity.


    • I find your use of the word, terrorist, interesting. The Crusades were a call to Western Christians by Byzantium Christians (Eastern Orthodox) who were under siege by Muslims. The latter felt ordered to spread their faith using any and all methods available, including weapons of destruction, and were taking over Christian lands. They started in Spain. And then spread through the Middle East.

      The Crusades were, eventually, just an attempt to keep some of the Holy Lands (Jerusalem).

      So I wouldn’t call them terrorists. Instead I would call them defenders.

      And, in terms of slavery, except for the very start of African slavery by Belgium, which was overturned quite quickly by the people of Belgium (overruling their king), the slave traders were Muslim. Still are today. Muslims still hold slaves. And are actively dealing in sex trafficking.

      So a defense of Muslims at the expense of Christians is short-sighted and historically inaccurate at best.

      The truth is, no religion is without its bad actors. None. They have all had periods of profound corruption and immorality. Islam is somewhat unique in that even child sexual molestation is just seen as an acceptable cultural practice.

      We could spend the rest of our lives going through the history of Christianity and showing how off the mark it was in doing this and this and this and this.

      Saying Christianity is guilt-free is not what I was saying. I was saying that at a National Prayer Breakfast, in view of the entire nation, saying what he did was just yet another example of President Obama’s hatred of Christians. Most recently, he was recorded as telling a group of gay activists that Christians don’t have the right to freedom of religion.

      That’s all I wrote. That he openly and unashamedly hates Christianity. In fact, in one speech he laughed at the idea of using the Beatitudes as a guideline for anything. He has stated that we are no longer a Christian nation. He made sure that the Christmas trees at the White House bore no religious symbols. The Bible is now banned at the White House, and daily briefings to the Pentagon that have historically had a Bible passage no longer do.

      I’m not saying he doesn’t have the right to do any of this. Just that he is open about his hatred of Christians.

      That’s all.


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