REFLECTION: Yea, Though We Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

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Yea, Though We Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

The world around us is changing.  The dark forest that is war grows taller and denser.  The light of God is increasingly being blocked out.

We invite it more and more into our lives through our insistence on remaining ignorant to what is happening around us.

Four million refugees from Syria alone seek asylum somewhere else in the world.  Anywhere else in the world.  And countries compete to turn their face away from them.

Let the ocean swallow them up, the world seems to say.  Like our other trash.

Some people wait hungrily for ISIS to release another film of executing people.  They yell when their pleasure is delayed.  Free snuff films.  And legal to watch.  Some of the best pornography out there.

That’s where we are in the world.

Officially turning our backs on God.

God, the joke.

God, the mocked.

God, the fool.

And in our own country, walls blocking out God with our obsession with killing, are being built.  Not with federal funds, as some want to block out human beings in need, but with passion.  Passion for death.  For killing.

On the right side of the political sphere, the country has turned into one, giant video game of first-person shoot-em-up.  A not-so-virtual OK Corral, with bad guys and good guys, where only the bad guys do bad things.

Like the father who just shot his wife, his four children, and himself.  He’s one of the “bad” guys it seems.

Or the four-year-old who found a loaded gun and shot his mother dead.  Another real “bad” guy.

And even though there have only been four Muslim mass killings in the past decade (Fort Hood, Boston, Chattanooga, and Texas), pro-gun advocates claim that they are the problem. Only one of the 207 mass shootings this year alone has been done by a Muslim.

People on one side of the aisle laugh at the idea of disallowing American citizens the right to carry weapons that can mow down a small town in a matter of minutes.

It is, very clearly, a race war that we are not allowed to talk about.  Unless we want people to cast their vote for us, then it’s all good to talk about how we have to arm ourselves against the “bad” guys.

But that’s just the right.  That is getting louder and stronger in their defense of the now twisted Constitutional amendment that allows us an armed militia.

This is just an expansion on a very old theme.

It’s the left side of the aisle that has me completely flummoxed.

Currently, Congress is looking at a bill to criminalize the killing of a baby born during an abortion.  The corporation who commits such a procedure, Planned Parenthood, argues against this bill.  They write:

This bill would interfere with the sacred doctor-patient relationship and substitute a physician’s best judgment with that of a group of politicians.

Sacred.  They use the word, sacred.

Sacred means to be related to God, to that which is holy.

To Planned Parenthood, a woman discussing whether or not to kill her living, breathing, kicking, crying baby is having a sacred conversation.

I used to just be sardonic about how the right has its guns, and the left has its abortions.  So both sides are arguing for their freedom to kill.  The only difference between the two is that Democrats kill for profit.

Republicans just use their guns for the fun of it.  Unless they are angry.  Or forgot to put the safety on and sit down in a wrong way.

But then I started to notice things.

First it was the way that Planned Parenthood proponents defended the sanctity of their beloved institution.

Why should a questioning of a particular women’s health clinic’s methods bring people to tears?

Were another chain of women’s health clinics being questioned about their practices, would women jam the street with their posters and their fists?  Would Satanists perform ceremonies outside the doors of the clinics?

Would our politicians fight to keep funding them?

Planned Parenthood has had to close clinics because of fraudulent billing, financial malfeasance.   More than one of their clinics have had to pay hefty fines for the same thing.

Any other women’s health clinic would lose their privileged status with government funding just over that alone.

Abortionists in many states have been brought to trial for neglecting to inform the police when an underaged girl has come in to get an abortion.  And have been involved in trials where the little girls have been released to their abusers after the abortion.

Just to be raped and impregnated again.

You can tell this to Planned Parenthood’s supporters and what do they do?  Attack you.

You can show them proof.  Articles written about the trials.  The guilty findings.  And what do they do?  Attack you.

How dare you question the perfect work that Planned Parenthood performs?

Here is what one abortion doctor said about Deborah Nucatola, a Planned Parenthood director who is being accused of selling baby parts.

I’m thinking about a strong parallel between what’s happening to my colleague and the trial week of Jesus before he was crucified. As he was marched from place to place, asked to answer allegations about, “You say you’re the King of the Jews. What do you say?” (Willie Parker)

Planned Parenthood has become, unlike other women’s health clinics, its own religious institution.

People who work for Planned Parenthood give care and respect to those in need, doing God’s work. For this we are grateful. (The Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board)

I have, for a while, made the supposition that it is the taste of blood, of being part of a blood sacrifice that hooks the women.

Like the ISIS snuff videos.

Death.  Gory.  A body ripped to shreds.

Glorious, it appears to some.

Try telling a Planned Parenthood proponent that some women are profoundly traumatized by having an abortion.  That some kill themselves because they cannot get over their feelings of guilt.  That some shut down.  Begin to believe that they are no longer deserving of being loved.

And if you do that, you will be laughed at.  I have been.  Too many times to count.

“Those” women laugh at the idea that a woman can be anything other than delighted with the procedure.

There’s even a YouTube video of a teen girl “advertising” for Planned Parenthood and saying that abortion is something we all do.  It’s fun.  It’s great.  Go out and get pregnant just so you can have one!

The fight over gun control is essentially a race war.

But the fight over abortion is a war of religions.

Planned Parenthood supporters even taunt Christians.

What would Jesus say about abortion?  Nothing!  Ha. Ha. Ha.

And yet it’s funny.  People who don’t know about Jesus (and even those who claim they do) seem to forget that Jesus was born and was given the grace to live in the midst of the killing of the innocent babies.

Innocent babies.

Killed.  Not as a blood sacrifice, but as a preemptive strike against a potential enemy.

Kill him before he kills us.

Jesus is the baby who lived.

He rose up into life with the blood of innocent babies at his feet.

He lived as their representative in the world.

In today’s world, he would be an abortion survivor. 

Which, given Who He Is, says a great deal.

He was given the chance to live.  And to do his work.

Do people really imagine that he would be flippant about that?  Or uncaring?

And I think that more Christians need to remember just that.

That we are saved by the blood of Jesus, but he was saved once himself.

By the blood of innocent children.

So we need to remember the true nature of sacredness with reference to the blood of children, killed by a tyrant or by a tyrannical government.

We need to keep what is truly holy in our hearts at all times.




1 Comment on REFLECTION: Yea, Though We Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

  1. I signed up for your blog because after a lifetime of being bashed over the head for not doing the ‘right’ thing and always being unwanted ( I am illegimate ), abused, molested, clergy abuse, I wanted to be around the gentler side of Christianity rather than being made to feel worse than I already do.

    With your strong viewpoint on abortion, and I agree it is awful and a nightmare experience, it is clear to me you have never been in the position of finding yourself very young, pregnant, with a jerk for the father and a mother who threatened to throw you down the stairs if you did not have one.

    So it adieu, I don’t need any more bashing – I have had 54 years of it.


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