MYSTICISM: Love Without Return, by Beatrice of Nazareth

Love Without Return Beatrice of Nazareth

From The Seven Steps of Love

And there is another manner of loving, which is when the soul seeks to serve our Lord for nothing in return, for love alone, without demanding to know the reason why and without any reward of grace or glory; just as the lady serves her lord for the sake of her love without any thought of reward, for whom simply to serve him is enough and that he should allow her to serve him.  In the same way she desires to serve love and love beyond measure and beyond all human reason with all her deeds of fidelity.

And when this comes upon her, then she is so consumed with desire, so ready to perform any service, so cheerful in toil, so gentle in tribulation, so light-hearted in sadness, and she desires with all her being to serve him.  And so it is her delight when she finds something she can do or endure in the service of love and in its honor.

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