PRAYER: Sacred Prayers Drawn From The Psalms Of David, by Peter Martyr Vermigli

Sacred Prayers Drawn From The Psalms Of David Peter Martyr Vermigli

From Psalm 42

There is none, O almighty God, who has really studied your goodness who does not pant and aspire for you night and day, like a stag who is dying from thirst.  How could it happen that anyone endowed with true faith should not hasten to the living God?  But so far that eagerness has been very slack in us, nor have we sought you, as was right, by good faith in holy assemblies.  Because of our sadness and trouble, tears have become for us our food and drink in these difficult times, and enemies far and wide mock the church and say: “Where is their God?”  But we beg you, O God, since you are merciful and kind, to put aside your anger which you have rightly conceived against us and, mindful of your promises, grant that we may be made firm in a solid hope and faith, although we have not merited it, so our soul may not be unduly downcast.  Although it seems that all the waves, storms, and abysses of temptations have been poured upon your church, may you be appeased by the goodness of your mercy and grace so that the solid joys of heart and conscience may not be taken away from us.  Make it happen that stirred by the Holy Spirit we may continually encourage ourselves to hope and trust in your help, because henceforward we are going to glorify your name and give thanks for being restored to salvation and tranquility.  Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


From Psalm 112

O almighty God, the fear of you, namely inborn godliness, makes those truly happy who are touched by no concern except the immediate execution of your will.  Thereby we are led to request your mercy so that you may be pleased to restore your dilapidated church.  For there is no other way that her posterity, which is your posterity, can ever emerge either illustrious or powerful.  There is no other source from which to expect an abundance of spiritual gifts, nor can light burst forth any other way amidst errors and the darkness of calamities.  Besides, if as we pray, godliness revives in her, our sincere duties of charity toward our neighbors will be carried out without fail.  Instead of themselves, people will look after their sisters and brothers.  They will govern their actions not by chance or impulse but by a spiritual standard.  We therefore request this as a chief priority: that you solidify our confidence in you, from which neither storms of troubles nor the pleasure of good fortune can tear us in any way.  Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


From Psalm 119:17-32

Since our strength depends on you, O great and good God, and without your help we cannot accomplish anything that pleases you, we rightly take refuge in you so that by the help of your grace we may indeed conform our actions to your laws.  That can in no wise happen if you do not remove from our eyes the curtain that evil desires keep putting between us and sound teaching.  The result is that we pay no attention to the beneficial things it commands us to do.  Also keep far away, we pray, the swelling of the mind and the elation of the heart by which we are sometimes inclined to overestimate human institutions and inventions so that compared to them your institutions seem vile to us.  That happens mainly when we fear to undergo the contempt and hatred of this world.  Therefore, when we find our hearts so torn between opposites, do, O God, refresh us with your word and be pleased to calm the cares of our hearts and our excessive anxiety with spiritual tranquility and to prevent us form being deceived by the lies of this world, which otherwise are so enticing.  For if you shall have once enlarged our anguished heart with your Spirit, nothing shall be able to block us from running as fast as we can to carry out your commands.  We beg you with all the intensity we can that we may be able to attain this in the end.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


From Psalm 128

Nothing good or joyous can happen except to those who fear and reverence God and who walk faithfully in the ways of God’s commandments by upright living.  That fact now shows us the reason why we are undergoing disasters.  In your supreme mercy, almighty God, you gave us your salutary teaching, but the last thing we have carried through is worshiping you in the proper way.  We ranked fear and reverence for your name behind our own desires, and we discarded the discipline of your commandments.  We have no reason then to complain that sufferings are sometimes laid upon us unfairly.  Disregard, we pray, our iniquities and wicked deeds and because of your mercy reestablish within us fear, devotion, and holy behavior.  Finally shine down from Zion, that is, from your lofty and inaccessible light, upon your suffering church and rescue her when she is beset by such dangers.  Through faith you have taken her unto yourself as a wife; grant that she be increased by the fecundity of her holy children.  May she be like a vine which spreads out widely and cannot be cut down, regardless of how antichrist strives to do so.  We urgently ask that we obtain this especially from you, good Father: that you deign to grant good and salutary things to your Jerusalem and to send peace and tranquility to the true Israel.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.




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