PRAYER: I Relinquish This To You, by Catherine Marshall

From Adventures in Prayer

Father, for such a long time I have pleaded before you this, the deep desire of my heart: (name desire here).  Yet the more I’ve clamored for your help with this, the more remote you have seemed.

I confess my demanding spirit in this matter.  I’ve tried suggesting to you ways my prayer could be answered.  To my shame, I’ve even bargained with you.  Yet I know that trying to manipulate the Lord of the Universe is utter foolishness.  No wonder my spirit is so sore and weary!

I want to trust you, Father.  My spirit knows that these verities are forever trustworthy even when I feel nothing. . . .

That you are there.
(You said, “Lo, I am with you alway.”)
That you love me.
(You said, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.”)
That you alone know what is best for me.
(For in you, Lord, “are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”)

Perhaps all along, you have been waiting for me to give up self-effort.  At last I want you in my life even more than I want (name desire here).  So now, by an act of my will I relinquish this to you.  I will accept your will, whatever that may be.  Thank you for counting this act of my will as the decision of the real person even when my emotions protest.  I ask you to hold me true to this decision.  To you, Lord God, who alone are worthy of worship, I bend the knee with thanksgiving that this too will “work together for good.”


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