PRAYER: Prayers Of GratitudeAnd Praise, by Edward Hays

Blessed Are You, Lord Our God,
Who Gives To Us Nourishment In Times Of Silence And Solitude

From uplifted hearts, hearts full of gratitude,
may this prayer of thanksgiving rise to You,
God of All Gifts and of Great Generosity.
We are thankful for times of stillness
which allow us to listen
to that holy river of prayer
flowing in the heart;
for the presence
of Your Holy Spirit within,
the Spirit who prays continuously.

These times of quiet heal us, within and without,
replenish our spirit with new strength
and prepare us to meet the constant struggle of daily life
with renewed hope and joy.

Like Your Son, Jesus,
who climbed mountains at night,
who retreated deep into the desert
to find You in stillness,
may we,
after this silent-solitary communion with You,
allow our lives to reveal
Your glory and grace.

Lord, may the seeds of the tree of stillness
bear fruit for us
and for all the restless world.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
who gives to us nourishment
in times of silence and solitude.


Blessed Are You, Lord Our God,
Who Has Given To Each Of Us A Personal Destiny And Purpose In Life

We thank You, God of Mysterious Ways,
that You have a holy design
for each of us.
We rejoice
that we are, each of us,
special to You,
that our names are written in the palm of Your hand
and our place in history,
our purpose for existing,
is known within Your heart,
since endless ages.

We are grateful
for that long line of holy people,
who since ancient times have inspired others
by their faithfulness
to their own special destinies.
They, by their very lives,
shout out to us
not to compromise our destinies,
but to live fully within Your eternal design.

Bless are You, Inscrutable Lord,
for those events, persons, talents and loves
which have helped us to discover adventure and purpose,
fruitfulness and meaning,
in our sometimes empty
and seemingly insignificant lives.
Blessed are You
for teachers, parents and other guides
who call us out
from the cocoon of comfort and contentment
to embark upon that unique path
which You have set forth
for each of Your sons and daughters.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
who has given to each of us
a personal destiny and purpose in life.


Blessed Are You, Lord Our God,
Who Heals Us With Forgiveness

With a healed and happy heart,
we proclaim our thanksgiving to You,
God of Compassion and Great Kindness.
We rejoice in Your absolution of our failings
and in the fact that You call us
to forgive each other daily
with the sacrament of understanding,
for in that mutual forgiveness,
we experience Your divine grace.

We are grateful for those persons in our lives
who have allowed us to be reconciled
after we have become separated from them
through selfishness and thoughtlessness.
For the numerous experiences of absolution in our past lives,
for the lifting of the burden of guilt,
we are thankful.

We are most grateful as well, Loving God,
for the gift of Your Son, Jesus,
who calls us to lives of compassion,
to forgiveness and understanding.
He, by His life, gave us an example
of how we are to love those who harm us
and forgive those who injure us
when He asked You, His Father,
to forgive those who had led Him to suffer
and die on a cross.

Teach us, Lord,
how to forgive ourselves
and to be patient with the slowness
of our growth in holiness.
Able to forgive ourselves,
we shall be more eager and able to forgive others
according to Your divine pattern.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
who heals us with forgiveness.


Blessed Are You, Lord Our God
Who Shares Pain And Suffering As Part Of The Mystery Of Life

Lord our God, Incomprehensible One,
Your sacrament of suffering,
the mystery of pain,
has burst into our lives.
We have been offered the cup of bitterness
so that we may share in the sorrow of Your Son, Jesus,
and so help to heal
the sickness of our planet.

We thank You for this opportunity to explore,
with those around us and with all the world,
the puzzle of pain.
May we only seek the fullness of life,
not rejecting the element of pain
inherent in all growth
and essential in each search for wholeness.

We, as disciples of Christ,
follow in the footsteps
of the Suffering Savior,
asking that this pain
have special meaning for us
and for all the earth.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
who shares pain and suffering
as part of the mystery of life.


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