PRAYER: A Prayer For Simplicity, by Edward Hays

From Pray All Ways

Lord of True Liberty,
You who commissioned Moses
to lead Your chosen children from bondage in Egypt
to the freedom of a new land,
help me to find a real freedom in simplicity.
Cure me, Lord, of “buyer’s itch”;
heal me of the consumer’s consumption
that keeps me constantly discontent
and continuously craving more and more.
Show to me the joys of a simple lifestyle
whereby in my “freedom from things”
I shall have more time and energy
to invest in my relationships with those I love,
with myself, and with You, my God.

Help me, by the example of Your Son, Jesus,
to place my value in those things
that neither moth nor thief can take from me.
And, as I strive for greater simplicity—
in my prayers, my lifestyle, my desires—
I shall find greater happiness in life itself.

May my efforts at simplicity not cease
and looking into my closet and counting clothes,
but may they take on their greatest energy and zeal
when looking into my heart
and removing all that is not in the fashion
of Your divine heart,
all that blocks my loving others.

May I be reminded frequently that whatever form
my attempts at simplicity may take
that it is a simple heart
which You first and foremost desire.

I ask this, Lord, through the intercession
of Your Son, Jesus the Christ,
who lives with You and the Holy Spirit,
now and forever.


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