POETRY: On Prayer, by Helen Steiner Rice

God, Are You There?

I’m way down here!
You’re way up there!
Are You sure You can hear
My faint, faltering prayer?
For I’m so unsure
Of just how to pray—
To tell you the truth, God,
I don’t know what to say. . .
I just know I am lonely
And vaguely disturbed,
Bewildered and restless,
Confused and perturbed. . .
And they tell me that prayer
Helps to quiet the mind
And to unburden the heart
For in stillness we find
A newborn assurance
That Someone does care
And Someone does answer
Each small sincere prayer!

My Garden of Prayer

My garden beautifies my yard
and adds fragrance to the air. . .
But it is also my cathedral
and my quiet place of prayer. . .
So little do we realize
that “The Glory and The Power”
Of He who made the universe
lies hidden in a flower.

Prayers Can’t Be Answered Unless They Are Prayed

Life without purpose
is barren indeed—
There can’t be a harvest
unless you plant seed,
There can’t be attainment
unless there’s a goal,
And man’s but a robot
unless there’s a soul. . .
If we send no ships out,
no ships will come in,
And unless there’s a contest,
nobody can win. . .
For games can’t be won
unless they are played,
And prayers can’t be answered
unless they are prayed. . .
So whatever is wrong
with your life today,
You’ll find a solution
if you kneel down and pray
Not just for pleasure,
enjoyment and health,
Not just for honors
and prestige and wealth. . .
But pray for a purpose
to make life worth living,
And pray for the joy
of unselfish giving,
For great is your gladness
and rich your reward
When you make your life’s purpose
the choice of the Lord.

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