SEXUALITY: The New God In Town

SEXUALITY: The New God In Town

I know I shouldn’t write about this.  I really do.

But really.

Enough is enough.

Every time I turn around there it is: I’m gay.  Isn’t it great?

It’s no longer Fifty Shades of Grey, now it’s 50 ways to describe your gender identification.

My mind, tending toward overactivity, imagines one foot in a boot, the other in a high heel, and off we go.  Option number 43.

There is no more real news now.  Venezuela is of no matter to us.

The explosions from fracking, pshaw.

The fact that there may be lost one entire generation of Syrian children.  Who cares?

But the fact that the Russian government will not allow a Pride House in the Olympic Village?  Now there’s real news.

A young Hollywood actress feels the absolute need to share with me (and you) her preference in sexual partners?

There’s the meat of our world these days.

Good thing I have a great deal of hair on my head.  Because, really, each and every time I see one of these stop-the-presses-someone’s-sexual-urge-is-about-to-be-exposed stories, I feel like I want to rip out quite a chunk of it.

But then this little, old lady explained it all to me.

To be fair, she may not be all that old or even little, but it’s my imagination after all.

She had lived her life in a polygamous “marriage.”

She’s no longer there.  And if she had only thing to say to sum it all up, it would be: “No woman in any polygamous marriage likes it.”



But then she went on to explain: In order to get a woman to group marry, she is told that if she doesn’t submit to this religious teaching, then God will destroy her soul.

Destroy her soul.


So a Mormon woman is taught to bend herself over and compress herself into a position of never asserting herself.  Never acknowledging the natural emotions of jealousy.  Of attachment.  Of longing for her beloved.

No.  Instead, she just becomes one of the cows in the barn awaiting her turn to be serviced.

And so things began to settle in my brain.

Just what is happening to our culture?

I’m glad you asked.

I will tell you.

We have a new god in town.  A new god on the block.

A god of lollipops and kittens.

And a god of absolute damnation it you even think about raising an eyebrow to object to the new world domination of homosexual autocracy.

You want the government to give you the world?


You want the churches to kowtow to your every whim?

You don’t have to ask twice.

Because if you give me any difficulty, then it’s death threats to you.   And you.  And you.

This is a truly amazing god to my mind.

And if it’s one thing New-God doesn’t like, it’s MY God.

MY God is a bad god.  A very, very bad god.

Too judgmental.  Too restrictive.  Too ungenerous.

Which just goes to show that New-God doesn’t really know MY God.

Doesn’t stop to realize that MY God booted Adam and Eve out of Eden, true.  But what did he do then?  He left Eden and hung out with Adam and Eve.  And their children.

Made trouble between the boys.

Which caused yet another expulsion from home.

But, hey.

Absolutely no death threats.

It really isn’t until Moses goes toe-to-toe with the Pharaoh that God commissions a death decree.

But that was war.

By the time we get through all those Old Testament books and to Jesus, God’s war is something waged entirely in Heaven.  And with only one Earthly human death on the books to show for it.

The rest of us Christians live because of that one death.  Live in so many ways.

But now we are faced with governmental edicts that tell us, like the Mormon god, to bend ourselves over and twist ourselves into a position where the unnatural becomes not only the natural, but the preferred.

Where disorder becomes the new world order.

And privacy is something to be seriously mocked.

I even followed for a bit a discussion of openly gay men threatening to “out” a conservative politician for not being more “progressive” in his political decisions.  This man clearly had no right to privacy from the new invading marauders.

Their god has spoken: no one has any cultural rights unless I grant them to you.

The new god’s definition of grace: you will bow down to me, and I will let you live.

Over and over again I keep seeing scenes from 1984: You will believe what we tell you to believe.  You have no right to privacy.

We are watching you.

There is no room for individual expression.

We have gone from being a country of religious freedom to one that gives only to the New-God.  Religious diversity is now openly mocked.

Were public stocks still in use, Christians would be the ones pilloried.

And the arrogance of it all.


That’s what it is.

This rant could go on.  And on.  And. . . .

But I will take a wild move from being a mystic into being a prophet for the day:

And I predict yet another attack on this blog.

(If there’s one thing about New-God, it’s its consistency.)


2 Comments on SEXUALITY: The New God In Town

  1. Be Still and know that I am God // February 19, 2014 at 8:57 am // Reply

    I feel the same way as you my dear Julia…. you are not alone. I feel this world is so out of control that I can only throw myself at the feet of Jesus and plead for mercy. This nation is unrecognizable! Thank you for your transparency some of us out here need to here it! God bless and keep you!


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