SAINTS: The Visions Of Perpetua

The Visions Of Perpetua

Carthage, 203 A.D.  Among a group of Christians sentenced to the beasts in the arena is a wealthy young Roman mother.  While awaiting execution, she begins a diary that is completed by a witness who describes her death.  The resulting text has been read for centuries.  (Perpetua’s Passion, by Joyce E. Salisbury)

First Vision

I saw a ladder of tremendous height made of bronze, reaching all the way up to the heavens, but it was so narrow that only one person could climb up at a time.  To the sides of the ladder were attached all sorts of iron weapons: there were swords, spears, books, daggers, and spikes; so that if anyone tried to climb up carelessly or without paying attention, he would be mangled and his flesh would adhere to the weapons.

At the foot of the ladder lay a dragon of enormous size, and it would attack those who tried to climb up and try to terrify them from doing so.  And Saturus [the leader of a small group in prison] was the first to go up, he who was later to give himself up of his own accord.  He had been the builder of our strength, although he was not present when we were arrested.  And he arrived at the top of the staircase and he looked back and said to me: “Perpetua, I am waiting for you.  But take care; do not let the dragon bite you.”  “He will not harm me,” I said, “in the name of Christ Jesus.”  Slowly, as though he were afraid of me, the dragon stuck his head out from underneath the ladder.  Then, using it as my first step, I trod on his head and went up.

Then I saw an immense garden, and in it a grey-haired man sat in shepherd’s garb; tall he was, and milking sheep.  And standing around him were many thousands of people clad in white garments.  He raised his head, looked at me, and said: “I am glad you have come, my child.”  He called me over to him and gave me, as it were, a mouthful of the milk he was drawing; and I took it into my cupped hands and consumed it.  And all those who stood around said: “Amen!”  At the sound of this word I came to, with the taste of something sweet still in my mouth.

Second Vision

I saw Dinocrates [her younger brother who died of cancer of the face] coming out of a dark hole, where there were many others with him, very hot and thirsty, pale and dirty.  On his face was the wound he had when he died.  There was a great abyss between us: neither could approach the other.  Where Dinocrates stood there was a pool full of water; and its rim was higher than the child’s height, so that Dinocrates had to stretch himself up to drink.  I was sorry that, though the pool had water in it, Dinocrates could not drink because of the height of the rim.  Then I woke up, realizing that my brother was suffering.

Third Vision

I saw the same spot that I had seen before, but there was Dinocrates all clean, well dressed, and refreshed.  I saw a scar where the wound had been; and the pool that I had seen before now had its rim lowered to the level of the child’s waist.  And Dinocrates kept drinking water from it, and there above the rim was a golden bowl full of water.  And Dinocrates drew close and began to drink from it, and yet the bowl remained full.  And when he had drunk enough of the water, he began to play as children do.  Then I awoke, and I realized that he had been delivered from his suffering.

Fourth Vision

Pomponius the deacon came to the prison gates and began to knock violently.  I went out and opened the gate for him.  He was dressed in an unbelted white tunic, wearing elaborate sandals.  And he said to me: “Perpetua, come; we are waiting for you.”  Then he took my hand and we began to walk through rough and broken country.  At last we came to the amphitheater out of breath, and he led me into the center of the arena.  Then he told me: “Do not be afraid.  I am here, struggling with you.”  Then he left.

I looked at the enormous crowd who watched in astonishment.  I was surprised that no beasts were let loose on me; for I knew that I was condemned to die by the beasts.  Then out came an Egyptian against me, of vicious appearance, together with his seconds, to fight with me.  There also came up to me some handsome young men to be my seconds and assistants.

My clothes were stripped off, and suddenly I was a man.  My seconds began to rub me down with oil (as they are wont to do before a contest).  Then I saw the Egyptian on the other side rolling in the dust.  Next there came forth a man of marvelous stature, such that he rose above the top of the amphitheater.  He was clad in a beltless purple tunic with two stripes (one on either side) running down the middle of his chest.  He wore sandals that were wondrously made of gold and silver, and he carried a wand like an athletic trainer and a green branch on which there were golden apples.  And he asked for silence and said: “If this Egyptian defeats her he will slay her with the sword.  But if she defeats him, she will receive this branch.”  Then he withdrew.

We drew close to one another and began to let our fists fly.  My opponent tried to get hold of my feet, but I kept striking him in the face with the heels of my feet.  Then I was raised up into the air and I began to pummel him without as it were touching the ground.  Then when I noticed there was a lull, I put my two hands together linking the fingers of one hand with those of the other and thus I got hold of his head.  He fell flat on his face and I stepped on his head.

The crowd began to shout and my assistants started to sing psalms.  Then I walked up to the trainer and took the branch.  He kissed me and said to me: “Peace be with you, my daughter!”  I began to walk in triumph towards the Gate of Life.  Then I awoke.

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