MECHANICS OF PRAYER: Letting God Know You Are Serious

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Letting God Know You Are Serious Julia Marks

I realized that I was at THAT point in a prayer the other day: the point where I have to step out and get bold.

In prayer, there are a couple of elements that are significant, both to the one praying and to God.  The Act, if we should call it something that might as well be it, comes at a time in prayer when you are (1) telling the truth about what you are praying for, (2) committed absolutely to the prayer, and (3) willing to accept what God gives you in response to your prayer.

What happens now?  The Act.

It comes at that time when you have to put your money where your mouth is, or, in this case, when you have to put your action where your words are.

It’s the time when you ask the world, itself, for what you want – and the bigger the asking, the better.

Let’s say that you have been praying for a new job.  The Act would be when instead of just filling out applications online, you figure out a way to provide a picnic lunch for the hiring manager at the company for which you wish to work.

I guess I could describe The Act as going big.

I guess I could also describe The Act as a small flight of faith.

It’s stepping off the edge of your hesitation and doubt and letting go.

It is, in the end, the time to become bold in your prayer and to let the Earth know that you are serious about getting what you want.

This lets God know that you have the strength to receive an answer to your prayer.

That you will accept it when he gives it to you.

It solidifies your relationship with God: it is the expression that not only do you trust God, you trust yourself.  You will work with him and do what it takes.

Acceptance is one of my realms of God.  It’s key is gratitude.

I define the realm of acceptance as: when God gives you something that you pray for.

It sounds simple – I prayed, I received, thank you – but it is, in actual reality, one of the most difficult things we have to deal with in life.  I suppose what I am saying really reflects that old adage: be careful what you pray for, you may get it.

And this is what acceptance is all about.  The man you decide to finally marry is the one who does everything wrong when you get him home and let him out of his box.

The car you have always dreamed of breaks down every time you turn a corner and the repair costs take your breath away.

And that job.  That dream job.  Around and through and inside that job are ramifications that you never imaged.  Things that you now must do that compromise your values.  People that you now must associate with that undermine your self-confidence.

Life is just a series of potholes, as it were.  And an answer to a prayer could be just that: one big, deep pothole.

But perhaps it’s what is beyond that pothole that shows you where, ultimately, you will find happiness.

And, in a way, this could be what has been holding you back from going for what you want in life: imagining the furry monsters that lurk beyond the doorway of your dream.

But, if you want to get on in life, if you want to receive the answer to your prayer, you must put all wavering aside, and paint your prayer across the sky in mile-high neon letters.

You must let God know that you are serious, that you ready to receive an answer to your prayer, and that you are grateful for everything that he does for you.


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