PRAYER: Pius XII’s Prayer for Peace

Our Father, who art in Heaven, our God and our protector, turn your eyes upon Christ, your son.  Behold the crimson marks of his wounds to which he was brought through love of us and obedience to you.  Through these wounds he willed to be our advocate and peacemaker in all our sorrows.

O Jesus, our savior, speak to your father and ours.  Plead with him for us, and for your church, yes, for all mankind purchased with your blood.  You are the king that gives peace. You are the prince of peace.  You have the keys of life and death.  Grant peace and eternal rest to the souls of all who are caught up in this whirlwind of war and swept unto death.  Some are known, others unknown.  For some tears are shed, for others there are none to weep.  Some have been buried beneath the ruins of towns and villages; others have shed their blood on the field of battle, on the torn hillside, in the ravines or in the depths of the sea.  Let your cleansing blood stream down upon them in their pains.  Let it wash their garments and make them bright so that clad therein they may be found worthy to be gladdened by the sight of your face.   Do you, who were ever the loving comforter of the distressed, who wept at the tears of Martha and Mary bereaved of their brother, give to those stricken by the calamities of war the peace which is born of consolation, of resignation, and of succor.  Grant peace to the exile, the fugitive, to them that wander unknown, and to the wounded.  They look to you.  Dry the tears of wives and mothers, of orphans, of families who have none to care for them.  They would fain hide their tears.  They eat the bread of sorrow, enduring hunger and cold and cheerless homes.  They break the bread for the little ones whom they have led to your altars in some lowly shrine, there to pray for a father, a brother, dead, wounded, or lost to them.  Comfort all with your heavenly gifts and with the consolation and succor wherein charity is so rich and fruitful.  This, Lord, you can inspire in noble hearts who see in their wretched and suffering brethren those whom they love because they are fashioned to your own image and likeness.

Grant unto all who fight such heroism as will lead them to accept even the supreme sacrifice in the defense of their country.  Grant them that noble sense of humanity that would not do to others, in any event, what they would not wish done to themselves or to their own nation.

Let the love your your divine Spirit reign and conquer, so that a right and ordered peace may be given once more to peoples and nations.  Let our prayers be pleasing and acceptable to your heart ever meek and humble.  Be all the more merciful to us because of the many masses which the church, your spouse, bowed in adoration, lovingly offers through you, Eternal Priest and Victim, to God, the Father.

Speak to the hearts of men.  You have words that search and shake the heart, enlighten the mind, soften anger, and drive out hatred and revenge.  Say the word that can still the storm, give healing to the sick, light to the blind, hearing to the deaf, life to the dead.

The peace among men that you would have is dead.  Raise it once more to life, Divine Conqueror of Death.   Grant that there may be calm on land and sea.  Make an end of those whirling blasts in the sky which, in the light of day or in the darkness of night, hurl down on unarmed people the terrors of fire, destruction, and slaughter.  Grant that justice with love in Christ may hold the scales lest the balance fall unevenly to this side or to that.  Let every injustice be made good.  Let the rule of right be restored.  Banish from the hearts of men all rancor and ill feeling.  Grant to us the serene vision of a new prosperity pleasing to all the world.  Grant to us a well-ordered righteous and lasting peace, so that mankind joined once more in brotherhood, may go forward through the ages, one human family in search of the noblest ends, beneath your gaze.


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