LENTEN FIRE: Tuesday Of The Fourth Week Of Lent

LENTEN FIRE: Tuesday Of The Fourth Week Of Lent

From Becoming Fire: Through the Year with the Desert Fathers and Mothers 

Every breath we take

Abba Macarius said, “Let us not slacken our resolve nor be without hope, for with every breath we take our Lord Jesus Christ gives us opportunity for repentance.”

Salty water, sweet water

He also said, “Let us not cause that fountain to bubble up which is salty because of its single source, that is, the well of the heart, but let bubble up without ceasing that which is sweet  all the time, that is, our Lord Jesus Christ.” (James 3:11)

Close the one door, not the other

A brother came to see Abba Poemen in the second week of Lent and told him about his thoughts; he obtained peace, and said to him, “I nearly did not come here today.”

The old man asked him why.  The brother said, “I said to myself, ‘Perhaps he will not let me in because it is Lent.'”

Abba Poemen said to him, “We have not been taught to close the wooden door but the door of our tongues.”

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