SOUL STRUCTURE: Let’s Talk Evil (includes a diagram of hell)

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Let's Talk Evil (includes a diagram of hell) by Julia Marks

Well, it is Lent, after all.  The time to take a most serious look at all things spiritual.  And the more I think about it, the more I believe that the lack of understanding about the soul that permeates the world is one reason why so many people do not heal after trauma and other severe life experiences.

In fact, I am becoming so serious about this in my thoughts that I actually want to develop a method of healing souls.  But perhaps more on that later.

The bottom-line fact of the matter, for me anyway, is that evil is all about stealing soul energy.  

Our souls contain energy.  We are born with it (as in seeing the shine of a newborn).  We develop it through our experiences and efforts such as forgiveness and compassion.  And some of us just have a plethora of soul energy, just as some are good at sports, or are sharp in the classroom, or intuitively know how to do certain things.

When some are caught in evil – either through their own choice, or through possession, or even, yes, through their birth – what they are mostly doing with their lives is giving over the energy of their souls to their “master.”  And evil masters, it seems, come in varying shapes and sizes.  Some we know about through the Bible.  Some we have come to know through reading the newspaper and watching the world around us.  And some we just know.

The three evil souls that I will describe today, and, yes, some of this material has been covered previously, are the devil, Satan, and the antiChrist.

In terms of soul structure, they are distinct.

But, in order to fully explain them to you, I need to give you what I know about the structure of hell.  This is so that I can better explain their characteristics.

So.  Here we have our universe that is created, maintained, and ultimately destroyed by God.

Were I to ask you, what is greater than God? what answer would you give me?



Nothing is greater than God.

And that is what is beyond our universe.


So we have our universe.  Around that is nothing.

(This is why one does not want to go through the door to hell: because it exists beyond nothing.  Nowhere any soul can possibly go.  Because souls are alive.  And nothing isn’t.)

Beyond nothing comes hell.  Now hell, oddly enough to our general understanding of it, is broken up into four quadrants.  Two quadrants each: love and hate.  There is the destructive aspect of hatred, which is the hell we all think about when that word is mentioned, all fire and brimstone (whatever brimstone is).  And there is the constructive aspect of hatred, the hatred of poverty and injustice and cruelty.

Then, there are the two quadrants of love: the constructive aspect of love.  We need no explanation of that.  And the destructive aspect of love.  And I can’t imagine that anyone needs an explanation of that either.

It is my sense, from things that I’ve read in a wisp of words, or have seen in the back of a vision, that when Jesus descended into hell, he went into the destructive aspect of love.  It is the place beyond the universe that is absolutely cold, and absolutely without light.

It is from this expression of hell that the devil emerges.  I don’t yet understand how or why he emerged, but emerged he did.  And managed to permeate our world.  The devil represents all that we do to indulge ourselves: addictions, excesses, acts such as rape and incest.

(I’ll make a slight digression here to explain that crimes such as rape and incest are acts committed by desperate people in order to steal another’s soul energy.  This is why it is so difficult for women to recover from such assaults.  Their sense of inner strength and balance has been destroyed.  And this is why so many men go after children: the bearers of pure, innocent, brilliant soul energy.

And this is also why I believe so strongly that a method of healing souls needs to be brought into this world, so that these unfortunate souls (literally) can be restored and their lives given a refreshed meaning.)

Anyway.  If you are confused about what the devil looks like, all you have to do is pick up a Playboy magazine.  Actually, most magazines these days are all about self-indulgence to an extreme extent.

Demons, the army of the devil, as it were, are bits and pieces of broken hopes and dreams that people once had that float around the universe attempting to connect with people once again, except that demons don’t have any real power except to annoy, distract, and just generally harass people.

Satan I think I have already discussed.  Satan is a collective soul structure.  Like a mushroom.  All the souls that Satan possesses (this is where our knowledge of possession comes from) are connected together “underneath” our existence.  It is attractive to those souls who have a desperate need for feeling connected to another.  Except, usually, they don’t understand the price that they will have to pay to “join up.”  The price is, the energy in their soul.  Satan does not drain a soul completely.  Instead, it leaves enough in the body so that that person can go out into the world and do evil (that is to say, collect more soul energy).

This is another study and work that I believe needs to be done today: an increased understanding of what it takes to create an environment for souls in this state to return to God and to Jesus Christ.  I have begun this study, but it is most complex.

I actually had a personal run-in with Satan a few years back.  It was caused by my association with a most wonderful church and her very, very powerful priests who had the ability to create an inviting and healing environment for suffering souls.  It was not my favorite time in my life, I can assure you.  Exploding tires.  Spiritual attacks of all sorts.  Wretched omens all over the place.  I’m mostly someone who lives quietly, focusing on my studies.  Finding myself in the midst of an active, ongoing battle (all-out war, more like it) was not something I would like to repeat very often.

And then to the last of our evil trio: the antiChrist.  The soul of the antiChrist mirrors that of the Holy Trinity in that it is split into three.  I’m not quite sure what the three expressions of the antiChrist soul are.  (Yes, I will admit that I am not the most ardent student of evil.)  But the “work” of the antiChrist, as far as I am concerned, is the most serious.  People attach themselves to the antiChrist, or even become an expression of the antiChrist, when they long for power so much that they are willing to turn their back on God, and face instead the back of holiness.  The aspect of God that is against all that God represents: peace, love, and community.

I refer to those who attach themselves completely to the antiChrist as his “maggots.”  The seriousness of this attachment is due to the fact that one “pays into” the antiChrist his soul energy.  And it is the one expression of the universe where one can lose all of his soul energy.

If you do not have any energy in your soul, in essence you no longer have a soul.  Your soul ceases to exist.  If you do not have a soul, your name is taken out of the Book of Life and YOU cease to exist.

We don’t think about that.  We know our bodies lose all their energy in death, and the we lose our Earthly existence then.  But we don’t realize that we can also lose our Heavenly existence.

This understanding is probably why the church has, from time to time, come down so hard on sin and wrong actions altogether.  The less we are attracted to wrong actions, the less we will be tempted to give our souls over to evil.

So the underlying battle between evil and us is not so much a grand standing with swords in our hands raised high over our heads as much as it is maintaining our course on seas that can become extremely dangerous to our soul lives at any time.

So our focus should be on standing strong in our faith and devotions, and keeping God as our spiritual compass at all times.

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