MORNING DEW: A Prayer for Ordering Love, by William of Saint Thierry

Exposition on the Song of Songs, no. 31

O God, Love, Holy Spirit, Love of the Father and the Son and their substantial will, dwell in us and set us in order so that your will may be done in us.  Let your will be our will, so that being ready to do the will of the Lord, our God, we may find his law and his order in the midst of our heart.  Enlighten the eyes of our heart so that we may gaze upon the unchanging light of your truth and the form of our mutability and the changeful inconstancy of of our will may be corrected.  May your bride, our soul, by loving you come to understand in your love what she is called to do with herself.  Rather, by your dwelling in her, you, the God who is himself your love in her, bring it to pass in  her that she may love you from your very self, O you who are her love!  May you, yourself, in her, love yourself through her, and in her and through her may you cause and order all things according to your very self.


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