PRAYER: The Prayer Of Tears by Edward Hays

The Prayer Of Tears by Edward Hays

Lord, Beloved God,
since all communion with You is prayer,
may even my tears be psalms of petition
and canticles of praise to You.
This is a prayer that You value greatly:
the prayer of my tears;
it is a prayer that You always hear
for You are a compassionate and kind God.
And, Lord, I know You understand
that when I am overcome by my tears—
unable to speak or form a prayer—
that these very tears voice volumes of verse.

All truly great prayer
rises from deep inside
and springs spontaneously to the surface.
It would then seem
that from among the many beautiful prayers,
the sacred songs and canticles of praise,
my tears may be the best worship of all.

Help me not to be ashamed of them;
show me how I can let go of control
and let this prayer of my heart, my tears,
flow naturally and freely to You,
my Blessed Lord and Divine Lover.
In times of joy or sorrow,
blessed be my tears,
the holy prayers of my heart.


2 Comments on PRAYER: The Prayer Of Tears by Edward Hays

  1. I think this a most beautiful prayer…


  2. Mary Conditt // May 2, 2018 at 2:24 pm // Reply

    Beautiful. Gave away copy of poem and don’t know from where. There were several pages of great words regarding the value of tears: “Why is crying good prayer? Crying can . . . .” Goes on for three more pages. So wonderful, I recently gave it to my son to share with his family after a devastating experience. Would you be able to identify where I might have gotten this article that included the consoling words of crying as a prayer? I only have a partial copy of the article that shows page numbers 34 through 36? Last page shows a sketching of incense atop of some books and a scroll. Thank you for helping


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