ADVENT FIRE: December 21

ADVENT FIRE: December 21

From Becoming Fire: Through the Year with the Desert Fathers and Mothers 

The Royal Path

Abba Benjamin said to his disciples, “Walk on the royal path and measure off the miles.”


Abba Tithoës used to say, “Pilgrimage means that a person should control his own tongue.”

Just Like Antony

A brother asked an old man, “What shall I do, father?  Nothing I do is monastic.  I’m careless and neglectful about eating and drinking and sleeping and I’m prone to disgraceful thoughts and being troubled a lot.  I go from one job to another and one thought to another.”

The old man said, “Stay in your cell and do what you can without worrying about it.  I think that the little bit you’re doing now is just like the great works that Abba Antony used to do in the desert and I believe that whoever stays in his cell for the sake of the name of God and guards his conscience will himself also be found where Abba Antony is.

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