ADVENT FIRE: December 9

ADVENT FIRE: December 9

From Becoming Fire: Through the Year with the Desert Fathers and Mothers 

You Can Be Sure

Pray not to this end, that your own desires be fulfilled.  You can be sure they do not fully accord with the will of God.  Once you have learned to accept this, pray instead your will be done in me. (Matthew 6:10)  In every matter ask him in this way for what is good and for what confers profit on your soul, for you yourself do not seek this so completely as he does.

What Seemed Good to Me

Many times while I was at prayer, I would keep asking for what seemed good to me.  I kept insisting on my own request, unreasonably putting pressure on the will of God.  I simply would not leave it up to his Providence to arrange what he knew would turn out for my profit.  Finally, when I obtained my request I became greatly chagrined at having been so stubborn about getting my own way, for in the end the matter did not turn out to be what I had fancied it would.

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