ADVENT FIRE: December 6

ADVENT FIRE: December 6

From Becoming Fire: Through the Year with the Desert Fathers and Mothers 

The Way the Fuller Cleans Your Clothes

Do not seek to avoid those who would give you a good drubbing.  Though they kick you about and stretch you and hackle you like flax, yet after all this is the way the fuller cleans your clothes.

Eating of the Fruits of Paradise

Abba Patermuthius was once transported physically to paradise, he said, and had seen a vast company of saints.  He related how he had eaten of the fruits of paradise, and showed evidence of the fact.  For he had brought his disciples a large choice fig, deliciously scented, to prove to them that what he had said was true.  The priest Copres, who was telling this story, being at that time a young man, saw this fig in the hands of Patermuthius’s disciples, and kissed it, and admired its scent.  “For many years,” he said, “it remained with his disciples, being kept as evidence of the father’s visit to paradise.  It was of enormous size.  Indeed a sick person had only to smell it and he was at once cured of his illness.”

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