ADVENT FIRE: December 2

ADVENT FIRE: December 2

From Becoming Fire: Through the Year with the Desert Fathers and Mothers 

What Should I Do To Please God?

Someone asked Abba Antony, “What practice should I observe in order to please God?”

The old man answered, “Observe what I appoint for you: Wherever you go, always keep God in your sight; whatever you do, do it according to the witness of the Holy Scriptures; and wherever you settle, do not quickly move away.  Observe these three things and you will be saved.”

Look at the Street Vendor

Some brothers asked Abba Macarius the Great, “Are feelings of pity more important than works?”

He said to them, “Yes.”

The brothers said to him, “Persuade us.”

When Abba Macarius saw that they were fearful and timid, wanting to gladden them he said to them, “Look at the street vendor who sells to a customer.  He says to him, “ I’ve given you a good deal,” but if he sees that the customer is unhappy, he gives him back a little of his money and the customer goes away happy.  It’s the same with acts also: if they stand unhappy before God, the giver of good things, the true judge, our Lord Jesus Christ, his numerous acts of compassion move him and the acts leave with joy and rejoicing and gladness.”

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