SOULS: Nine Short Writings on the Soul by Mechthild of Magdeburg

Nine Short Writings on the Soul by Mechthild of Magdeburg

The Soul Praises God for Five Things

O Emperor of all honors.
O Crown of all sovereigns.
O Wisdom of all the learned.
O Giver of all gifts.
O Deliverer of all imprisonments.

How God Comes to the Soul

I come to my beloved as the dew upon the flower.

How the Soul Receives and Praises God

Ah, joyous sight!
Ah, lovely greeting!
Ah, dear embrace!
Lord, the wonder of you has overwhelmed me.
Your grace has crushed me.
O you lofty Crag.
You are so nicely honeycombed.
In you no one can rest but doves and nightingales.

How God Receives the Soul

Welcome, my precious dove.
You have flown so keenly over the earth
That your feathers reach to heaven.

God Likens the Soul to Four Things

You taste like a grape.
Your fragrance is like balsam.
Your radiance is like the sun.
You are an enhancement of my most sublime love.

The Soul Praises God About Five Things

O you pouring God in your gift!
O you flowing God in your love!
O you burning God in your desire!
O you melting God in the union with your beloved!
O you resting God on my breasts!
Without you I cannot exist.

God Likens the Soul to Five Things

O you beautiful rose among the thorns!
O you fluttering bee in the honey!
O you unblemished dove in your being!
O you beautiful sun in your radiance!
O you full moon in the firmament!
I cannot turn away from you.

God Caresses the Soul in Six Ways

You are my softest pillow,
My most lovely bed,
My most intimate repose,
My deepest longing,
My most sublime glory.
You are an allurement to my Godhead,
A thirst for my humanity,
A stream for my burning.

The Soul Praises God to Return in Six Ways

You are my resplendent mountain,
A feast for my eyes,
A loss of myself,
A tempest in my heart,
A defeat and retreat of my power,
My surest protection.

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