PRAYER: Prayers For Spiritual Needs

Prayers For Spiritual Needs

From Treasury of Novenas

To Love God Above All

God, my Father, may I love you in all things and above all things.
May I reach the joy you have prepared for me in Heaven.
Nothing is good that is against your will, and all is good that comes from your hand.
Place in my heart a desire to please you and fill my mind with thoughts of your love,
and enjoy your peace.


To Know the Way to Peace

Father of Heaven and Earth, hear my prayer, and show me the way to peace.
Guide each effort of my life, so that my faults and my sins
may not keep me from the peace you promised.
May the new life of grace you give me through the Eucharist and prayer
make my love for you grow and keep me in the joy of your kingdom.


To Live in God’s Presence

God, my Father, you have promised to remain forever
with those who do what is just and right.
Help me to live in your presence.
The loving plan of your wisdom was made know when Jesus, your son,
became man like one of us.
I want to obey his commandment of love and bring your peace and joy to others.
Keep before me the wisdom and love you have made known in your son.
Help me to be like him in word and deed.


For God’s Guidance

Father in Heaven, you made me your child and call me to walk in the light of Christ.
Free me from darkness and keep me in the light of your truth.
The light of Jesus has scattered the darkness of hatred and sin.
Called to that light I ask for your guidance.
Form my life in your truth, my heart in your love.
Through the Holy Eucharist, give me the power of your grace
that I may walk in the light of Jesus and serve him faithfully.


For the Joy of Forgiveness

Heavenly Father, through the obedience of Jesus,
your son and your servant, you raised a fallen world.
Free me from sin and give me the joy of your forgiveness.
Let sin never lead me astray.
Make me one with you always, that my joy may be holy and true.
May your love make me what you have called me to be,
your loving child and faithful servant.


To be Cleansed from Sin

Jesus, my redeemer, you reward virtue and forgive the sinner.
Grant me your forgiveness as I come before you confessing my guilt.
May the power of Holy Mass wash away my sins, renew my spiritual life,
and bring me to salvation.  May I never misuse your healing gifts,
but always find in them a source of life and salvation.
Cleanse me of sin and free me from guilt,
for my sins bring me sorrow but your promise of salvation brings me joy.


For Health of Mind and Body

God of mercy and love, protect me from all harm.
Give me health in mind and body to do your work on Earth.
Pour out your Spirit upon me, and grant me the strength of the Eucharist,
this food from Heaven, that I may more willingly
give my life in your service.
Work in my life with your grace and bring me to the joy you promise.


For the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Jesus, divine word of God, you became man, born of the Virgin Mary.
May I come to share your divinity, for you humbled yourself
to share our human nature.
As you nourish me with the food of life in the Eucharist,
give me also your Spirit, so that I may be filled
with light at your coming to my soul.
Lead me to rejoice in true peace.


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