SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Angels In The Desert, Goats In The Thorns — A Tribute to The Falls Church, Anglican

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Angels In The Desert, Goats In The Thorns — A Tribute to The Falls Church, Anglican by Julia Marks

In spiritual warfare there is no winning.

That is because in spiritual warfare there is no losing.

In God, in the Absolute that is God, nothing can be lost in All That Is.

As someone once asserted, Einstein, was it?, it’s all a matter of energy changing form.

Nothing gained.

Nothing lost.

So those who now crow at their perceived victory aren’t singing the praises of God.  Instead they are just proving to the world that they know very little, if anything, about God.

There is no true spirit in this victory.  It was a spiritless struggle that resulted in a spiritless gain.  And any self-aggrandizement that is expressed concerning this perceived victory is spiritless.

There is no God in any of it.

I read a few words the other day that summed up what I had been thinking about.  A Jesuit retreat center was forced to close.  And a priest, thrilled at the new opportunities that this presented him and his staff, wrote that the church is not, in reality, a place that is meant to be there for people to come to.  People who know what they are doing there.  People who make the space in their lives to come there.

Instead, the church of Jesus Christ, of God the Father, of The Holy Spirit, belongs out in the world.  On dirty sidewalks, in empty halls with cracking paint on the walls, on a neighbor’s doorstep.

That’s not how the priest wrote it.  That’s how I rewrote it.

The Falls Church, Anglican, has been forced out into the world.  Out of their sparkled arena.  Away from their padded arm chairs and profuseness.

They have traded their roles as sitting stateliness for that of mission, taking up the work of spreading light in the places they now walk.  With their lantern that carries the true light of God, they begin to illuminate the darkened ways where they now go.

They bring a touch, a word, the slight bow of a head — all precious gifts from God to the people of this Earth.

They walk the streets bearing the body and blood of Christ, bringing it through new doors, and through old doors in a new way.

It is the truth that being in exile is hard on the angels who endure it for our sake, but it brings a joy for the rest of us who benefit from their ministrations.

The Church exists for the benefit of its non-members, to be salt for the earth, not for the sake of impressing more salt.

Jesus said He did not come to call those who already thought they were right, but He came to all those who knew they were bad and selfish to be turned upside down.  (Celtic Daily Prayer)

So we pray that doors open to The Falls Church, Anglican.  We pray for boldness in their witness.  We pray for God’s gracious and gentle guidance.  We pray that these ministers will be refreshed along their way, that their needs will be met, and that they receive the support from their relationships that strengthens them to meet the new day.


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