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The Forms Of Evil by Julia Marks

In God, there is always the seen and the unseen.

The front and the back, as it were.

The unseen side of a blessing (which is seen) could very well be a swift kick in the pants from God.  OK, you wanted this, now get it together and take good care of it.

Whatever it is.

We even joke about this conundrum: Be careful what you wish for, for you may just get it.

It isn’t necessarily giving everything the aspects of good and bad.  But in soul structures, there are good, normal souls, with not that much variation, and evil souls — or structures in the place of where souls should be.

The dark side is very much a term that can be applied these types of unsouls.

On the very, very plus side of soul structure there is the Holy Trinity, who, amazingly enough, share the same soul energy.

Today, I am limiting my study of evil soul structures to the unholy trinity: The Devil, Satan, and The antiChrist.

As I write this, I am listening to John Rutter’s Requiem.

It’s what you have to do when contemplating evil, I believe.

While Scripture tends to sweep these configurations together, referring to the devil, Satan, and the antiChrist in the same breath, in my study, the three differ from one another in origin, construct, and function.

The Devil: Originating from the unseen side of love, that expression of love that is destructive in its over-caring, the impulse of the devil is to satiate its desires without ceasing.  Think of Howard Hughes and the lifestyle he actually promotes.  Without censure.

Just do what you want, and do it some more, and some more, and some more. . . .

It’s all about pleasure of the senses.  It’s about degrading yourself and those around you until your quality of life is, in fact, so compromised that you wind up pleasuring yourself because it’s the only thing you can remember to do.

You see, evil is all about acquiring someone else’s soul energy.  Think about the eyes of a woman after she has been raped (an action whose purpose is to steal soul energy).  Think about how the light has gone out in them.  How distracted and disoriented she now is.

Self-pleasurers, in putting themselves in compromising situations, let the healthy energy of their souls seep out.  And as they lose energy, they become increasingly desperate.  And in the confusion that is bedevilment, they think that continuing to get stoned or have casual sex will refill their souls, fulfill their needs.

But it doesn’t heal their souls.  In fact, it just continues the diminishment until there is little to nothing left.

The true definition of death is to have no soul energy.  Nothing to carry with you when you leave your body.  Like a barren field, you can have no reality in God without your soul energy.

You can no longer be found in the book of life, because your life has been taken from you in ways that you don’t really understand or perceive.

Evil gets a lot of traction from confusion and befuddlement.

And the complete lack of understanding about how it works.

We think that we are in trouble because we doubt our faith in God.  Well, that’s not even half of it.  Refusing to perceive and acknowledge evil just gives it all the power it needs to do its thing.

Just look at the world.

Satan: I have written about this collective soul structure before, but I’ll repeat a bit of it here.  Satan is essentially on big soul, connected together.  Like a mushroom, connected together beneath the ground.

Satan has the amazing ability of being able to attract people of the widest range into its soul gang.  Innocent people, those who refuse to admit the existence of evil, are just as attracted to its lure as those people who like the sense of soul strength that it promises.

It is very much like a gang: promising a sense of inclusion, a family of its own structure.

And, again, the purpose in gaining souls in this way it to drain the individual members of their soul energy.  It is such a devastating process that it can be likened to drug addition, the member becomes increasingly lethargic and indifferent to the world.

In time, little matters to the member.

The antiChrist:  An errant aspect of God that senses and knows its own power, the antiChrist is one who opposes God.  That’s it.  It could be in anyone.

I have power.  God has no power.  I am the one to listen to.

But then, when the language of God is silence, it’s an easy con to put over here on Earth.

Anyone who takes up the cause of speaking over and above God is essentially an antiChrist.

In spiritual warfare, the advantage that the Holy Trinity has is that it can work together.  It can work with itself and with us.  It can join forces with everything and anything.

Evil, given its obsession with itself and itself only, has the disadvantage of only being able to draw strength from itself.

But the biggest kick in the pants to evil is that the subsumed soul can be healed.

This is something that I would really like to study.

But there is a prayer that I have professed when the church service has called for it:

Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst come under my roof; but speak the word only, and my soul shall be healed.


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