PRAYER: A Novena To Saint Maximilian Kolbe For The Grace To Be Freed From Addiction

drug addiction

(I collect prayers, and I’m especially fond of novenas.  I find them to be a very practical means of organizing thoughts and hopes.  A year or so ago, I was putting together a litany for parents with wayward children.

It was dedicated to a woman who was going through a very bad time with her daughter, a young woman whose life was being slowly ruined because of her addiction to drugs.  I was shocked, and somewhat horrified, when I could not find a prayer concerning addiction, any kind of addiction.  It was as though the church turned its face away from such degradation.  Perhaps there is just too much shame in the idea of addiction to want to actually pray for someone in such trouble.

If that’s the case, then that is the real shame.

I was overjoyed when I finally came across the following novena.  I can’t remember now where I found it, but in finding it I immediately became an ardent fan of Brother Kolbe.)

A Novena to Saint Maximilian Kolbe for the Grace to be Freed from Addiction 

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, your life of love and labor for souls was sacrificed amid the horrors of a concentration camp and hastened to its end by an injection of a deadly drug.

Look with compassion upon (NAME OF PERSON) who is now entrapped in addiction to drugs/alcohol and whom I now recommend to your powerful intercession.  Having offered your own life to preserve that of a family man, I turn to you with trust, confident that you will understand and help.

Obtain for me the grace never to withhold my love and understanding, or to fail in persevering prayer that the enslaving bonds of addiction may be broken and that full health may be restored to him, whom I love.

I will never cease to be grateful to God who has helped me and heard your prayer for me.


33 Comments on PRAYER: A Novena To Saint Maximilian Kolbe For The Grace To Be Freed From Addiction

  1. I hope and pray Jesus hears and answers our prayers. May all those suffering find healing and good health thru our Lord Jesus Christ. I especially pray for my daughter who has so much to live for. I pray she find health and happiness gets clean and sober and returns to her faith and those who love her.


  2. Please continue to pray for all those suffering. Especially for my daughter. May she find comfort in prayers and Jesus.Help her find Peace happiness and God.


  3. Praying for the conversion of my family.May they all find peace happiness and sobriety thru Jesus.


    • Prayer is never wasted. My son has sought help and I am so grateful to God that he has. We must continue to pray that they continue on their paths to seek help or to recovery and sobriety. It is always an ongoing battler them. Stay strong. God hears you and knows your pain and their suffering. God bless you.


      • Thank you for your encouraging words. My son is an alcoholic and it breaks my heart. I know God hears my prayers, your encouraging words could not have come at a better time for me. and I am grateful that your son is seeking help.


        • “Sometimes we motivate ourselves by thinking of what we want to become. Sometimes we motivate ourselves by thinking about who we don’t ever want to be again.” – Shane Niemeyer

          All you can do is provide love without judgement, encouragement to get better and pray for the wisdom and the words to help him find the help he needs. Nothing is harder than watching your child suffer. God bless you. He is listening.


  4. Please help me pray for my daughter. May Jesus restore her to health both physically and mentally. I pray she find God and return to church.


  5. Bridget Taylor // March 17, 2018 at 2:39 pm // Reply

    Please pray for my Deaf brother Mike who is a heavy drinker. May he find comfort and guidance to become sober and happy through God’s grace and make good Deaf friends.


    • Bless you, Bridget, for being so loving of your brother and God and you pray to bring them back together. May your beloved brother receive the tender solace he needs through the grace of God. Amen.


  6. Help me pray for my daughter. May she be restored to her full health mentally physically and spiritually. I pray she finds peace thru Jesus our Lord. Amen


  7. Pamela Picard // March 21, 2018 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    Praying for a help with my son and his drug and alcohol sickness may it be speedy . One son passed This must be stopped for all families Thank you for hearing me. I believe. Amen


  8. Please help me pray for my daughter. May she find stability in mind body and soul thru our Lord Jesus Christ.


  9. Please pray for my daughter. May she make the most of her aftercare find people who will help her find the right way. I pray for her mental physical and spiritual health.


  10. I thank God my daughter came to church this Easter season. I continue to pray for her full conversion. May she find comfort in her mind body and spirit through Jesus our Lord.


  11. My brother is an alcoholic,he is almost losing his job in the process but i believe God will change him before the worst happens because he has a wife and a 2 year old kid,May God listen to me and all praying for him to change,fellow brethren help me pray .


  12. Thanks be to God.for hearing my prayers to St’ Maximillan Kolby and to St ‘Pio for my loved ones who struggle with addiction.Blessed be GOD. I thank you with all of my heart.


  13. Thank you MY GOD ,St. Maximillian Kolby, St. Pio, and St Jude and all of the Angels and saints for hearing my prayers ,and answering them.


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