PRAYER: Novena To Our Lord Of Transfiguration (short)

Novena To Our Lord Of Transfiguration (short)

Author unknown

God you have scattered the darkness with your light and have poured your light into my heart so that I might look upon the radiant face of Jesus Christ.   Nourish in me the desire to contemplate your beloved son.

O God, according to your plan, you have called me to holiness by your grace that you have revealed in Jesus Christ.  Your Gospel shows me the way so that I can share in your mission of glorious splendor of unending life.

Loving Father, you have so loved me that I have been called to be a son of God.  When Christ comes, grant that I may be like him.

O Christ, before your passion and death you revealed the resurrection to your disciple on Mount Tabor.  I pray for your church that labors amid the cares and anxieties of this world, that, in its trials, it may always be transfigured by the joy of your victory.

O Christ, you took Peter, James, and John, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. We pray for our bishops and priests that they may inspire in your people the hope of being transfigured at the last day.

O Christ, you gave light to the world when the glory of the creator arose over you.  I pray for the men and women of good will that they may always walk in your light.

O Christ, upon the mountaintop you let the light of your face shine over Moses and Elijah. I ask your blessing upon your people who call on your name, who want to belong to the kingdom of light and life.

O Christ, you will reform my lowly body and make it like your glorious one.  I pray for my brothers and sisters who have died, that they may share your glory forever.

God, our Father, in the transfigured glory of Christ, your son, you strengthen my faith by confirming the witness of your prophets and by showing me the splendor of your beloved son.  Help me to become an heir to the eternal life with him, who lives and reigns with you and The Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.



2 Comments on PRAYER: Novena To Our Lord Of Transfiguration (short)

  1. // December 4, 2018 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    I am a new Christian in Iran i knew Jesus Christ and found the faith to him by the grace of LORD I only know and pray Eucharist we have no official church and muslims want kill us if they know we left their false prophet and killers cult i enjoyed this pray and want to say thanks to you please pray for us your new Christian brothers and sisters and please pray for us in church


    • Thank you. I would be honored to pray for you and your church. There is no such thing as an “official” church in Christianity. For as Jesus says, where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. It is the love of our Lord in your heart that makes your church official.


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