STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Part 8 — Jesus Rebukes The Daughters Of Jerusalem, by Michel Quoist

stations of the cross 8 quoist

From: Prayer On The Way Of The Cross

Christ is still dying.
He continues to offer himself to his Father for the redemption of the world through the men who today suffer and die around us.
The Way of the Cross is also the way to life; this a real Christian should never forget.

How is it that thou canst see the speck of dust which is in thy brother’s eyes, and art not aware of the beam which is in thy own?  By what right wilt thou say to thy brother, “Brother, let me rid thy eye of that speck,” when thou canst not see the beam that is in thy own?  Thou hypocrite, take the beam out of thy own first, and so thou shalt have clear sight to rid thy brother’s of the speck. (Luke 6:41-42)

They weep.
They sob.
It’s easy to understand if you see what men have done to him.
And they are helpless, they cannot interfere,
So they weep, they weep in pity.

Lord, you have seen them, you have heard them,
But you said: “Weep first for your sins.”

To pity your sufferings of the world I manage very well, Lord,
But to weep for my own sins, that’s another matter.
I’d as lief bemoan those of others,
It’s easier.
I’m well up on that; the whole world passes every day before my tribunal.
I’ve found plenty of guilt: in politics, economics, slums, alcohol, movies, industry.
I see it in many people: in laissez-faire Christians,
in priests who don’t understand a thing, and in many others,
Lord, many others.
All in all, in just about the whole world save me.

Lord, teach me that I am a sinner.

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