STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Part 7 — Jesus Falls For The Second Time, by Michel Quoist

stations of the cross 7 quoist

From: Prayer On The Way Of The Cross

Christ is still dying.
He continues to offer himself to his Father for the redemption of the world through the men who today suffer and die around us.
The Way of the Cross is also the way to life; this a real Christian should never forget.

They all grew drowsy, and fell asleep. (Matthew 25:5)

Only look well to yourselves; do not let your hearts grow dull.  Keep watch, then, praying at all times, so that you may be found worthy to come safe through all that lies before you, and stand erect to meet the presence of the Son of Man. (Luke 21:34,36)

Lord, you are spent.
Again you have fallen to the ground.
This time you fall not only from the weight of the Cross,
but from exhaustion.

Recurrent suffering numbs the will.
My sins, Lord, are dulling my conscience.
I get used to evil very quickly:
A little self-indulgence here,
A small unfaithfulness there,
An unwise action further on,
And my vision becomes obscured; I no longer see stumbling-blocks,
I no longer see other people on my road,

My ears gradually close; I no longer hear the complaints of men.
I find myself on the ground, on the plain, far from the road
you laid out for me.

Lord, I beseech you, keep me young in my efforts,
Spare me the bondage of habit, which lulls to sleep and kills.

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